As retail industry is highly competitive, every planning process is important to make a difference in the market. LED lighting is one of significant retail solution that can help retailers to differentiate their brands from the competitors and go ahead with ease. Some studies show that well-designed LED lighting can increase retail sales by up to 40% after increasing store appeal and enhancing shopping experience.


Kinglumi Co., Ltd. offers one-stop retail lighting solution for all different applications such as fashion, meat and fish, bakery, fruits and vegetables, etc. Kinglumi is committed to adding optimal value for retailers through a combination of technological innovations and service offerings. Our comprehensive approach ensures you're getting the most customized and enhanced retail lighting solution with significant costs savings.

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1.       Precise optics solutions make merchandise look more appealing.

        Accent lighting, general lighting, asymmetric wall wash lighting, aisle lighting

2.      Superb High color quality, revealing the true colors of merchandise.

        CRI 98, BBBL, CRI90, DIM-to-Warm, with 2 step SDCM

3.      Light control accessories accessible to minimize the glare :

        Honeycomb, Barn door, Snoot, Oval Snoot

4.      Suitable for all ceiling designs with multiple mounting options

        Track mounting(over 10 different kinds of track systems), recessed mounting, Surface mounting.

       5.     Flexible, user-friendly and energy-saving power control system

        DALI(DALI membership)1-10VTriac DimmingFlicker Free



As an atmospheric tool, LED lighting is crucial to increasing brand awareness and recognition. Properly-designed retail store lighting plays a vital role distinguishing your brands to improve shopper perception with a lasting impression. In the retail sector, suitable LED lighting design is a key tool to represent your brand identity and create a consistent and coherent brand value. Kinglumi LED lights, featuring a high CRI of 90-95 and glare-free patented CAMETATM lens, can provide interactive and bespoke ambience in the retail environment to focus on your merchandise and branding. 



With shoppers increasingly turning online, retailers are moving positively to improve their store image and particularly enhancing in-store shopping experience as this is the very factor attracting shoppers to stores. Proper retail lighting design is beneficial to keeping shoppers engaged in the store and help guide them effectively around the store. With upgraded lighting, the majority of retailers find their store shapes and architecture look more appealing and aesthetic, which can get more customers interested in shopping in the store.

Kinglumi LED downlights and track lights, which are available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K and support smooth dimming , are ideal light fixtures used to highlight in-store experience by enhancing the textures, colors of store merchandise as well as cultivating a welcoming and pleasant shopping environment for customers. Kinglumi led light fixtures also ensures a uniform and glare-free light distribution, leading to stress-free and clear and comfortable illumination across the retail stores. 


Whatever you want to achieve with LED fixtures, there are some elements that can be found to blend in with your store image, design and personality. However, it's commonly agreed that a big part of retail lighting design is conducted to create a unique, pleasant and relaxed store atmosphere that can have a positive influence on shoppers' mood and lead to buying behavior. Good retail lighting design should take into account of consistency of brightness, colors, space and merchandise personality as well as store theme, which is key to bringing a perfect emotional experience to customers.

Dimmable from 100% down to 10% percent with superb color quality, Kinglumi retail lighting can be utilized to cast different levels of brightness and create an artistic and unique store decor, drawing more customers through store door and increase retail sales directly. 



Some energy survey shows that lighting accounts for approximately 25-30% of total energy use in retail stores. The reduction of energy costs can boost retail net profit directly, which is why an increasing number of retailers begin to upgrade their existing incandescent lights with much more energy-efficient LED light fixtures that can save power substantially by up to 60%. With a much longer lifespan than standard light fixtures, LED lighting is also highly recognized for reducing operating costs significantly. The rapid development and application of LED lighting technology in retail stores can also lead to a safer retail environment as LEDs emit little heat.

With patented optics design, Kinglumi energy-efficient LED light fixtures are able to save power up to 60% compared to fluorescent lamps, helping owners of retail businesses slash significant electrical bills. A lifetime of over 50,000 hours can even save more in terms of operating and maintenance costs in the long run.