Business owners are devoting more resources to building their brands and unlocking further development opportunities. Commercial LED lighting- which can provide comfortable illumination and create atmosphere of well-being , is very popular with business owners to enhance employees productivity and retain high-potential personnel. Whether it's cultivating a friendly and warm environment at work, optimizing operational efficiency or highlighting brand design, there are always some suitable office  lighting solutions that can realize your ideas.


With extensive expertise and research experience in the commercial lighting design, Kinglumi offers innovative, custom and premium office lighting solutions based on specific requirements and sustainable goals of customers. Our wide range of commercial office lighting can provide uniform, glare-free and stylish illumination across different types of commercial office applications including workplace, corridor, conference room, reception area, waiting room, just to speak a few. 

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1.      A wide range of luminaires for all applications needs

Panel lights in workplace, down lights in corridors, linear pendent lights in meeting rooms, and spot lights in the reception /exhibition areas

2.      With higher performance than regulation of EN 12464-1: 2011

Offer UGR<16 or UGR<19 option,Luminaries luminance limit at elevation angles of 65° less than 1000cd/m2 for work palces with Display Screen Equipment (DSE).


3.      Suitable for all ceiling designs with multiple mounting options  

Recessed mounting, Surface mounting, Pendent mounting. Or special customization.


4.      User-friendly and energy-saving power control system

DALI(DALI membership), 1-10V, Flicker Free, Daylight Harvesting, Microwave Motion Sensor. Or customized energy control system.



Office lighting design is important because office is where people sit at the computers most of the day. Many studies show that lighting is one of significant element that can affect people's emotions directly. This is why commercial office lighting design should be conducted firstly to make employees at work feel comfortable and pleasant. The right office light fixtures can also increase workers satisfaction and give people a sense of belonging. In a workplace provided with uniform and flicker-free light, people can feel happier and more relaxed at work.

Kinglumi office LED panel lighting, featuring a wide beam angle of 120 degrees with UGR below 19, can provide clear, uniform and soft brightness across office applications. With patented glare-free optics design, Our LED panels can also contribute to eye protection of employees and prevent feelings of fatigue.



Enough and even illumination should be available in work environment as dim lighting can dramatically affect workers productivity and mood. Bright and clean led offcie lights are believed to improve attentiveness and increase employee performance with better visibility, leading to improvement in productivity. Some researches show high-quality office led lighting even plays an important role in improving product and service quality because good lighting can decrease mistakes or errors effectively. Exposure to good lighting is also beneficial to workers' health and wellness by reducing eye train and feeling of discomfort.

We released a wide range of high-efficiency and visual comforting commercial offcie light fixtures that' essential for optimizing workplace performance and improving workers satisfaction. With 130lm/w luminous efficacy and high CRI of 90, Kinglumi led office lighting ensures a shadow-free and reflective-free illumination of office areas, creating a kind of cheerful and positive workplace environment.



One major role lighting plays in the office design is adding to workplace an aesthetic, artistic and brilliant appeal. Regardless of the office sizes, lighting can be used to personalize work space that can reflect unique business values and personality. In some places such as showroom and reception area,  lighting is vital to leaving a lasting impression on customers by highlighting company LOGO and image. Those companies that have a magnificent and brilliant front desk lighting design are more likely to earn customers' trust from the very beginning.

Kinglumi's commercial track lighting is ideal for office accent lighting applications with flexible beam control. With a much higher performance than regulation of EU NO 1194/2012 and EU 874/2012,   Kinglumi flicker-free track led offcie lights can cast clear and excellent colors to emphasize your brand. If you want to improve the look and feel of reception area, our glare-free commercial wall lights could be installed to project clean and uniform light down the wall of your reception area, creating a kind of stylish and pleasing atmosphere.



Some researches tell that the office lighting accounts for 30-35% percent of overall energy use in commercial buildings. Compared with traditional incandescent or fluorescent lights, office LED lighting is increasingly popular now as it can reduce energy use substantially. As LED lighting can also produce much less heat, this will allow business owners to cut lots of air conditioning costs. Switching to LED lighting is an environmentally friendly way to achieve costs savings and improve life quality.

Equipped with excellent thermal design, Kinglumi LED offcie lighting ensures great energy efficiency with optimal heat dissipation performance. It's believed to save more than 60% energy use over standard light fixtures. We will continue our efforts to contribute to a clean and green world by providing energy-efficient LED light fixtures all over the world.