LED lighting is used to illuminate residential spaces and keep home secure but also plays an important role improving home aesthetics and cultivating desired atmosphere. Home interior designers have been using residential led lighting to highlight different space features with increased space functionality and blend lighting into home interior design seamlessly to create inviting and pleasing appeal. It' clear excellent residential lighting design is able to make home feel more beautiful and positive with significant energy savings.


Whether it's lighting up living room, providing impressive lighting for hallways or highlighting paintings on the wall, Kinglumi can deliver outstanding and practical residential lighting solutions that can make a great impression on clients and help home owners save lots of money by reducing energy use. Our Dim-to-Warm led residential lighting is particularly suitable to be used to adjust the lighting color temperature and brightness for creating different space scenes with unique look and mood, and in the meantime reduce energy use and operating costs significantly.

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1.    More energy-saving

       Kinglumi’s products are with much higher efficacy compared to most of LED  products in the world.


2.     Designed for normal and special application

Fire rated downlight(BS 476 approved, for UK and Australia market)

Insulation cover: for thermal insulation protected ceilings.

Anti-salt spray and IP44: for eave lighting and washroom.

Air tight downlight: for low energy buildings(zero-energy buildings, passive houses and green buildings,)

Dim-to-warm technology: for dining room, hall, and living room

3.       Qualified and safe LED products

         All products must be safety approved before they are launched (GS, CE, CB, RoHS, SAA, C-tick, PSE, Energy Star, DLC, Title 24, UL, ETL

4.      Full products portfolios

         Standard cut-out downlights, IP65 downlight, mini track lights kit, pendant lights, retrofit light source.

Featured Products



Livingroom lighting

Living room light fixtures should be chosen well as this is where people spend lots of their time at home watching TV, reading and staying with their loved ones. It's an important step that could lead to setting a positive tone at home and contributing to a visually comfortable space. With different levels of light achieved using the right lamps for living room, living room can look very warm and charming, making your clients stay longer. A well-lit living room is also beneficial to health, both protecting our eyes and affecting feelings.


Hallway lighting

Home hallway is frequently used path in the house that should be illuminated well to ensure people can notice it and move to other home spaces easily. As it's also seen by most of families as place to display family photos and aesthetic paintings, lighting for hallways needs to be conducted appropriately. Generally speaking, lighting designers prefer to use track lights in home hallway in order to highlight featured paintings or family photos as well as creating a welcoming atmosphere. LED downlights are also important hallway light fixtures used in home hallway to provide basic illumination and helps make home look safer and comfortable.



Bedroom lighting

Bedroom is more than a place to rest, it's also an area to read and watch TV so bedroom lighting needs to serve multiple purposes accordingly. Basically, bedroom light fittings are designed to create cozy and relaxing atmosphere and help people take rest. Bedroom ceiling lights can be used to provide general lighting and create comfortable feeling while floor standing lamp is key to providing task lighting for reading. In most bedrooms, well-designed accent light fixtures are important to set a positive tone in bedroom with soft, warm and atmospheric background lighting effect.


Kitchen lighting

What matters for kitchen lighting is more about combining general, task and accent lighting perfectly to provide ambient and practical lighting over entire room. For general lighting, recessed LED downlights or spotlights can be used to provide basic lighting in kitchen with apparent energy savings. In a space where cooking is done, the cooking counters should be provided with bright task lighting to ensure good visibility for food. The use of accent lighting is key to bring open shelving and wall cabinets to life with feeling of warmth and ambience.


Residential exterior lighting

Well-designed exterior lighting is able to increase home's curb appeal and boost home decor, making a great impression on visitors passing by your home. The right lighting can complement architectural exterior design of residence and make home feel more eye-catching and warmer.

By using appropriate light fixtures with increased curb appeal, it can give residential exterior design a shining and romantic appearance. Good residential exterior lighting helps set a cozy and positive tone in space, adding a unique beauty to your home.


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