As more people tend to eat outside, restaurants competition has never been higher, which makes restaurants operators adopt every possible strategy that can be utilized to improve sales. Commercial restaurant lighting, which is able to create a comfortable, romantic and awesome dining atmosphere, is thought to help improve revenue in restaurants. The objective of restaurant lighting is not just illuminating the foods clearly but also blending into its architectural surroundings to enhance restaurant ambience and create customer satisfaction.


When LED lighting is designed in restaurants, designers should take into consideration of restaurants style and their targeted customers as different types of lights can lead to huge difference on visual perceptions and feelings. According to some studies, restaurant light fixtures are expected to have implications for customers about decision-making so a positive and pleasing lighting environment in restaurants will capture attention of passersby and draw more customers to restaurants. 

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Restaurant entrance lighting guides

It's very clear that lighting in the entrance of restaurant is significant as it has an impact on passersby's first impression of restaurant before they sit down inside. On a crowded street, the restaurant with bright, artistic and unique exterior entrance lighting is more likely to draw people's attention and get more customers to your restaurant.  In contrast, a dimly lit restaurant is easily ignored or has a negative impression on passersby, which leads to loss of potential restaurant revenues.

However, this doesn't mean the entrance lighting of restaurant should be as bright as possible. The right restaurant entrance outdoor lighting needs to match the whole restaurant theme and architectural design, both eye-catching to keep new customers interested and memorable for patrons.

Dining room lighting

Dining room lighting is the key part of lighting design in restaurant, which is thought to affect people's appetite and influence their perceptions of food. It's important to note the dining area lighting design varies from different styles of restaurants. In quick service restaurants, the dining room is provided with bright, clean and uniform lighting to illuminate the food clearly and stimulate customers to enjoy the food. Some fine dining restaurants, which pay a more attention to dining experience, are designed with both general dining lighting and accent intimate lighting in order to cultivate a pleasing and aesthetic atmosphere for their guests.



Lighting in bar and coffee areas

The right lighting in bar and coffee space should be provided with proper levels of luminance. Generally, the illumination in these spaces is kept in low levels to ensure a kind of quiet, subtle and even mysterious atmosphere. If the coffee and bar interior lighting is too bright and shining, everything over the entire space is seen clearly, which can destroy the cozy and warm ambience. However, this doesn't mean the cafe and bar lighting should be as low as possible in bar and coffer areas because the whole space will look very constrained and gloomy in extremely low light.

The accent lighting is popular in the bar and coffee areas in restaurants to put emphasis on the bar displays and tables as well as some other interesting focal points. The right ambience in bar and coffee space can create the perfect mood and vibe for guests, and help produce enjoyable feelings.


Restaurant kitchen lighting

Light fixtures and fittings used in restaurant kitchen should provide safe, adequate and comfortable lighting and the restaurant kitchen lighting itself needs to follow "food safety code" that's established by governments. There's re a wide range of light fixtures that can be used in restaurant kitchen but the lighting luminance must be bright enough which's beneficial to food visibility and safety of workers. As more and more restaurants begin to install security cameras in restaurant kitchens the bright illumination can allow customers to have a clear of what's happening inside kitchen and feel secure to eat. The lighting provided in kitchen should also be uniform and glare-free to create a comfortable and healthy work environment for chefs and workers.

Another important element of modern restaurant kitchen lighting is color rendering index that's used to measure how natural the lighting shows the objects' colors. It's exceptionally significant to identify the food colors as exactly as possible for chefs and workers because food color is a key element to design the perfect and artistic food.