As the global auto industry is getting increasingly competitive, the car markers around the world are trying every possible way to increase their market shares. The auto shop design, which is one of the key aspect to emphasize auto brands and attract more customers, matters a lot to automakers for winning the competition. As with auto shop design, car dealership lighting has always been one of the wonderful element used to make a beautiful, comfortable and magnificent auto store, and meanwhile add a shine of sparkle to the cars in the showroom.


Basically, lighting for auto dealership includes general light, accent light and decorative light, each of which needs to be designed accordingly. Firstly, the general lighting, which's used to provide overall illumination, should look unique in design style to leave a positive impression. The accent car dealer lighting, as an important means of highlighting the quality of cars on display, is incorporated into the auto dealership lighting design for illuminating the cars in a brilliant and luxurious way. When talking about decorative lighting , we should make sure it is conducted in accordance with the whole interior style and can contribute to a perfect and comfortable atmosphere.  

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Adding luxury to cars on display

Car showrooms are where a high investment should be made to create a positive and welcoming experience space for customers. The good auto dealership lighting can be an important tool to magnify the brilliance and luxury of the cars in the showroom by creating the perfect charisma and dynamics. By means of excellent lighting design for automotive, the cars on display will be given a enhanced appeal which can have a positive and lasting impression on customers.

Kinglumi offers many innovative and high color rendering LED lights to light up the car dealership showrooms in a appealing manner. Our aesthetically designed led track light and MK spotlights, with a high CRI of 90-95 and high power light source, is ideal for displaying the vehicles at their best. 

Enhance the customer experience

What's particularly important in car dealership showroom lighting design is the lighting should fit in well with both the interior architectural design as well as the brand value to create the desired atmosphere that's essential for improving customer experience. To design a visually pleasing and welcoming auto store, lighting designers need to consider as many interior architectural elements as possible such as the height of shop, interior structure design, floor textures, display arrangements and so on. Meanwhile, the showroom lighting provided in such high-end commercial application must be uniform and natural to boost the wellbeing of customers.

In this regard, Kinglumi has a broad experience of delivering exceptionally uniform lighting such as our UGR 16 extremely glare-free and sustainable LED panel light. It is a perfect automotive lighting solution in auto dealership shops, not only delivering flicker-free and good quality illumination but also providing a "clean ceiling" auto showroom.


Using natural lighting effectively

Natural light is a fantastic light source that can be used to complement the artificial lighting for illuminating the automotive dealership shops effectively. In a auto store where natural light is efficiently used, the people inside the shop can feel better and more excited. it's known that one of common way to take good use of natural lighting is to replace the external wall with tempered glass. This can make the whole automotive store look more bright and clean as well as illuminating the cars in a natural way. However, it's also important to note that the natural light needs to be used properly in order to prevent the damage of too bright sunshine light to the cars on display in the shop.


Reduce the energy consumption and costs

Since lighting energy is one of the main element that makes electricity bills go up, it's significant for auto dealership owners to find effective energy efficiency solutions. Fortunately, energy saving dealership LED lighting is increasingly popular and utilized for realizing a significant reduction in power consumption. The eco-friendly LED light fixtures also blend into the concept of environmental protection for automotive industry that's always dedicated to improving energy use. Energy-efficient LED lighting not only reduces power consumption substantially, but also emits less heat which can lead to lower cooling bills for auto dealership shops. 

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