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Design the right supermarket lighting

In a world where more and more people tend to buy things online, the competition for physical stores, particularly for supermarkets, gets fiercer. The modern supermarkets exist not only for offering customers what they want to buy but also bring people experience of relaxation, pleasure and entertainment. In order to drive new customers and keep the existing ones, supermarkets owners should take into consideration all potential factors that are crucial for bringing customers a pleasant, positive and unforgettable shopping experience.


It's no secret that supermarket lighting is one of essential factor that can play an important role improving supermarkets appearance and leave shoppers positive and lasting impressions. The properly designed lighting in supermarket is able to create visual merchandising, guide shoppers for a better shopping experience, as well as emphasizing the brands and improving business sales successfully. These are some highlights about how lighting can matter to bring value, vitality and business success to supermarkets. 

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Create aesthetically pleasing shopping environment

The success of supermarket lighting design can improve to a large extent the appearance of interior décor and create a kind of welcoming, pleasing and exciting atmosphere. The well-lit merchandising displays, where high quality aisle lighting is properly directed to the shelved products, are said to draw more attention from customers and improve business sales. Some market surveys from professional institutes show that well-designed lighting for supermarket has a great impact on decision-making of shoppers, increasing customer retention as well as encouraging return customers.


Save money on energy use

Energy use in supermarkets is one of major concerns for supermarket owners and operators. Among all of equipments generating power consumptions, lighting is believed to account for 25%-30% of the whole energy use. In light of this, the benefit of energy efficiency is considered as one of top priority in supermarket lighting design. LED lighting, compared to incandescent and fluorescent light fixtures, is able to cut down electricity costs significantly with better energy efficiency and longer lifespan.


Improve colors of fresh products

Fresh products such as fruit, meat, vegetables, diary, and baked goods account for a big proportion of the overall commodity in supermarkets. Therefore, how fresh products are presented can have direct impact on business sales of supermarkets. Good quality supermarket lighting fixtures are undoubtedly an important tool to emphasize the freshness and quality of fresh products with improved colors, as well as increasing people's appetite because fresh products are sensitive to UV and IR light, it's important to use LED light fixtures that produce less IR and UV radiation to preserve the freshness of goods.


Optimize the in-store layouts

Planning unique and attractive layouts with the right lighting is beneficial to guide customers effectively within the supermarkets. It offers shoppers what they need to find quickly and guide them to the right spaces that are relevant to their purchase needs. A good positioning of items shinning under custom-tailored lighting is able to create a positive shopping atmosphere where happiness and excitement are spread to stimulate purchase behavior.

Supermarket lighting solutions  from Kinglumi

Kinglumi offers one-stop supermarket lighting solutions using our Xline LED linear lights and Smarter LED track lights, along with a wide range of other light fittings. The Xline commercial linear track lights, characterized by clean, compact and exquisite design, are the perfect light fittings used in supermarket for directing lighting exactly where it is needed. They're offered with different light distribution patterns that include Single /Double wall washer lighting of 25°x90°, batwing lighting of 85°x85°, as well as lambertian pattern lighting of 120°. This increases flexibility and versatility of creating desired lighting according to different interior layouts and designs.


What's important is that Xline supermarket track lighting can work together with our Smart LED track spot lights using the same track rail for delivering adequate and dynamic lighting on every corner. This is one of prominent innovation idea of lighting that's essential for saving installation time, reducing inventory pressure and maintenance costs. The Smarter modern LED track lights provide a lumen output from 600lm up to 5000lm with optical lens of 10 degrees to 60 degree, together with DIM to warm LED technology. In addition, both Xline and Smarter LED lights are equipped with energy efficiency of 110lm/W and 120lm/W respectively, which's crucial for minimizing power consumptions and cutting down operation budget for supermarkets.


Besides, Xline pendant and surface mounted linear lights are under development at this moment using the same optical solution of Xline track light system. They will be available with up to 30000LM and length of 3.6 meters, as well as being controlled by DALI electronics control gear(ECG) coming with 7 poles for trunking mounted purpose

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