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Education Lighting Guide

It's all known to us that education is  key to improving the quality of people's life, boosting the economy and ensuring the social development in a sustainable way. For both developing and developed countries, the governments attach a great importance to the education and take active measures to improve quality in education. The lighting system, as one of important education equipments, plays a great role in educational establishments, ensuring the visibility of information and healthy to eyes, improving the aesthetics of building architectures and inspiring creativity.

Kinglumi understands the needs of lighting for education facilities and offers a variety of LED light fixtures designed to emit energy-efficient and high quality lighting for classrooms, offices, corridors, libraries, sports halls, etc. We match the lighting design with the benefits of teachers and students to achieve optimal learning objectives and optimize the education performance.  

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Create productive lighting environment for learning

The success of lighting design in educational establishments can help teachers and students aid concentration, promote productivity as well as elevating creativity. In classrooms where the proper light level is provided throughout the entire space, the students can have a good experience of reading and writing along with see clearly the chalkboards and displays. What's more, the high quality lighting with low glare is particularly important in classrooms to help students keep focused on study, prevent distraction and fatigue. Some studies show that the dynamic and comfortable lighting environment is able to improve the happiness of students and help set a positive mental

Provide response to different lighting needs

The lighting solutions in educational facilities depend on specific needs and requirements according to different occasions. Some performances of light fixtures such as brightness, density, color temperatures, Ra value, glare control, dimming capability are desired differently for areas of classrooms, corridors, sports halls, libraries, dorm rooms, etc. For example, the proper light level and lighting uniformity are central targets of lighting design for classrooms and libraries to ensure both visibility of information and well-being of students. While in sports facilities characterized by spacious space and large number of people, the lighting design should be centered on providing adequate and shadow-free illumination, enabling athletes to reap the rewards of attention, excitement and better performance.


Improve aesthetics of building architecture

Lighting has kept its important position in building architectures to improve architectural aesthetics and inspire creativity. What's important for selection of LED light fittings is that their appearance should match well with architectural styles and features for the harmony, beauty and fashion. Otherwise, the poor combination of light fixtures and architectural features will affect the look and feel of building aesthetics and lead to a bad impression. The quality of lighting is another factor that could leverage and influence how educational architectures look like. Offered with low glare, outstanding uniformity as well as low UV & IR radiation, the high quality lighting is capable of giving architectures an improved attractiveness and flair.


Energy efficiency matters to slash electricity costs

With a large demand for lighting use in educational establishments, energy use is a big pressure facing many operators and owners. In light of this, highly energy-efficient LED lights are increasingly popular to be applied in educational facilities to cut down to a large extent the power costs and reduce overall budget. The reduced budget on electrical bills can be used to meet the needs of other educational resources and strengthen quality in education.


Lighting guide for educational premises

For lighting of educational premises, there are some important factors that should be considered for lighting design apart from providing adequate illumination. 

Along with delivering high quality lighting with outstanding performances such as high energy efficiency and excellent light comfort, it's important to select the right light fixtures that conform with local regulations and standards like EN12464 1&2, WEEE, Building Regulations, IEEE 1789(Flicker free), ROHS, EPBD, Regulatory Reform, Lighting Codes, EuPD, etc.


In modern educational buildings, the demand for energy saving is paid an higher attention to reduce electrical bills and contribute to protection of environment. The lighting with functions of DALI dimming and wireless control as well as other eco-friendly control ways is encouraged to achieve energy saving and build green lighting environment. For example, the light system with smart brightness and motion sensor is able to adjust the brightness and turn on/off lighting automatically for minimizing power consumptions.


In addition, the glare control of lighting is another element that can influence the lighting quality significantly. There are direct and indirect glare light that could be produced due to quality of light fittings themselves and installations. The CIE Unified Glare Rating or say UGR is used to measure the amount of discomfort glare that caused by luminaires to people around them.

For educational premises:

UGR<19 or UGR<16 is as the maximum value for the direct glare light

EN ISO 9241-307 gives requirements for the visual qualities of displays concerning unwanted reflections.

Kinglumi accumulates broad experience of providing professional, cost-effective and highly efficient lighting solutions. One of our best selling light fitting-Apollo UGR 16 LED panel light, is ideal for use in educational areas to create comfortable, exciting and inspirational lighting environment. Our Apollo LED panel light is highly recognized among customers for its ultra-slim and modularized design, benefit of various panel sizes along with modern, clean and artful appearance. It also comes with a high flexibility of different installations including surface-mounted, pendant and recessed mounting options.


In addition, we also developed another creative and competitive Linear lighting system that's essential for emitting uniform and dynamic lighting for classrooms and libraries.  

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