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LED stadium lighting

Area and stadium venues are where sports activities and a variety of other events are organized to spread happiness, excitement and passion as well as witnessing the hardship and success of participants. To provide wonderful and perfect sports premises, LED stadium lighting is one of important factor that's essential for performance of players and ensuring a clear vision for spectators. For sports stadiums, a properly designed lighting system is able to improve the experience of fans and lead to increase of business sales.


As a stadium lighting manufacturer in China, Kinglumi has broad knowledge and expertise of offering professional arena and stadium lights that optimize the energy efficiency, athletes performance along with view needs of spectators. The Annulight™ range of industrial LED sports high bay lights by Kinglumi, which feature a broad selection of watts and dimming solutions, are designed to help create perfect lighting environments for varieties of sports venues.

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Offer high quality stadium lighting

The good lighting in sports stadiums should be offered with proper light level without flicker and dark zones to maintain player visibility on the field. What's more, it's important to keep glare of sports field lighting to the lowest level for building a healthy and humane lighting environment that brings benefits of comfort, happiness and satisfaction. Additionally, considering the needs of broadcasting, particularly slow-motion capturing of competition moments, the benefit of lighting uniformity is significant to be satisfied for recording high quality broadcasting pictures.


Improve the feel of players and fans

Lighting is believed to affect the performance of players who participate in the competitions as well as having a great impact on how fans feel while they are watching the sporting events. The sporting stadiums or venues adopting the perfect led arena lights help ensure clear visibility and create pleasing, welcoming and engaging atmospheres. From small sports venues to large professional multifunction sports stadiums, the properly designed led sports field lighting plays an important role fully exploiting the potential of athletes' talent and bringing fans exciting and fantastic sporting events.


Meet the needs of energy saving

Kinglumi understands the needs of saving energy use for a variety of sporting venues and attach a great importance to delivering green, efficient and eco-friendly led arena lighting systems. The wide portfolio of dimming solutions we provide- which include DALI, 1-10V and motion sensor options, allow you to control the light output accordingly as needed, making it possible to save energy use to a large extent. Additionally, our sports light fixtures adopt smart lighting control system that's equipped with occupancy sensor to turn on lights and control dimming levels automatically based on the changes of surrounding environments. 


Applied for variety of sports scenarios

We offer LED arena and stadium lighting for plenty of sports venues covering football, basketball, soccer, tennis, rugby, hockey, baseball as well as other professional sports facilities such as swimming pools. For some special sports lighting applications demanding high safety and custom designs, our engineers can help develop and offer tailor-made lighting solutions. Luminaries provided by us are placed to illuminate the sports venues evenly and add comfort, excitement and enhanced experience to spectators.


Features of Annulight™ range of sports field lighting

130LM/W luminous efficacy, emitting super bright and comfortable lighting from small sports facilities to large and professional arena stadiums.

• The 360-degree motion sensor is available to control lighting automatically for optimizing energy use.

• Highly efficient sports lighting fittings equipped with patented optical system using punching aluminum housing to ensure excellent heat dissipation.

• Come with instant on/off performance without warm up time, fulfilling full light output immediately.

• Presenting multiple wide beam angles of  60°, 80°to 110°to deliver flexible lighting patterns.

• Freely installed in flexible ways of Surface-mounted, rod suspension mounted, hook mounted and wall mounted options.

• Wide range of color temperatures: 2700K,3000k,3500k,4000k,5000k

• CE,Rohs, SAA, ETL,DLC,FCC certified

• Use Meanwell LED driver(100-288V, PF>0.95, MTBF>192khrs) as well as a total of 576 pcs original Samsung leds


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