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How to build energy efficient warehouse lighting systems

A proper energy efficient lighting system for the warehouse applications matters a lot in terms of ensuring bright and safe lighting atmosphere, improving work productivity, reducing operation costs and so on. Unfortunately, there're still lots of warehouses that's provided with poor and dim lighting, which poses a severe threat to the safety and health of workers. But it seems worse that so many people light up their warehouses brightly at the expense of wasting energy and worsening carbon emissions due to choosing the improper light fixtures.


It's essential to introduce the energy efficient warehouse lighting solutions for consuming energy as least as possible. The warehouses, which are usually large and spacious, require a large quantity of light fixtures to deliver sufficient and shadow-free lighting. Therefore, it helps save large amounts of energy by bringing advanced energy-saving lighting solutions for warehouse spaces.


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Switching to LED warehouse lighting

Due to energy-saving and eco-friendly attributes, LED lights are gradually replacing the traditional light fittings in almost every lighting application. When it comes to the warehouse situations, the LED luminaires can play a significant role in cutting down the electricity consumption by up to 80% compared to the conventional lamps such as Metal Halide lamps and fluorescent lamps. The industrial high bay, which is advantageous for generating high-output lighting while consuming less power, are described as the perfect lighting option for application in warehouses.


Choose warehouse lighting with high efficacy rating

The efficacy rating of light fixtures is crucial to save energy as the higher the efficacy level, the lower power consumption. Due to different manufacturing processes and lights materials, there is a big difference in the efficacy rating between LED lamps in the market from different lighting suppliers. Besides, it is recommended that you can test the actual lighting efficacy rating by yourselves or ask the lighting suppliers to help make a test when you visit their factories.

Allowing for dimming light flexibly  

If you want to dim the lighting flexibly for your warehouse spaces, the LED lights you choose should come with dimming functionality by adding DALI, 1-10V and Triac dimmable LED dimmers, etc. The dimmable solution offers opportunity to tune the light intensity properly over different periods of time as well as helping reducing the operation costs by controlling the energy consumption to the minimum level. At this point, our Annulight™  warehouse high bay lighting, which include DALI,1-10V dimming options as well as non-dim, are the good industrial warehouse lighting solutions for adjusting light brightness easily.

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Utilize some advanced lighting controls

One of the advanced lighting controls in warehouse applications is occupancy sensing lighting technology that ensures the lights turn on/off or get dimmed based on the motion detection within the space. The lights with motion sensor enable you to manage the led lamps for warehouse effectively and make a big difference on reducing energy consumption. Apart from this occupancy sensing control option, you can also consider the app-enabled smart lighting control that allows you to edit and control the lighting wirelessly in the palm of your hand.



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