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Gymnasium lighting guidance

The gymnasium is a multi-purpose space used for fulfilling the need of various sports activities, gatherings and other kinds of events. Built with the high ceilings and large space, the gymnasium presents challenges for offering the proper and cost-effective lighting. 

Before we buy gymnasium lights, it's necessary to know some basic gymnasium lighting guidance to reduce the risk of spending extra costs caused by an improper lighting solution. The LED lighting, which comes with a better energy efficiency and controllability, is the perfect lighting solutions for various gym scenarios.

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Present extraordinary gym lighting experience

For the gym lighting, the metal halide and HID light fixtures have been used for a long period of time but these traditional fixtures could cause serious flickering and buzzing issues. Under exposure to such unhealthy lighting, the sports players could feel distracted and uncomfortable during physical exercises or attending the sports competitions. Comparably, the flicker-free LED high bay gym lighting is able to bring uniform and visually satisfactory lighting which plays an important role in ensuring the awesome and extraordinary visibility.


Offer bright and comfortable lighting

One of the most important but usually overlooked factor for gymnasium stadium is the lighting brightness and sustainability. Due to high ceilings and large space, it's not uncommon to see that many gymnasium spaces are provided with under-lit lighting that could potentially lead to some safety accidents. If the gymnasium light fixtures are too bright, the sports players will find it hard and challenging to stay focused which could has a negative impact on their performance on the field. Therefore, it remains important to ensure the proper light intensity through the entire space to make sure both sports players and audiences could enjoy a wonderful sports experience.


Generate sustainable lighting with high-quality fixtures

Despite a higher awareness on lighting quality among people recently, there are still lots of customers that seek to find the lights as cheap as possible and take the risk of damaging company brands and losing potential businesses by using low quality lights. When it comes to industrial lighting applications such as indoor gymnasium lighting, it comes with a more costly risk of spending much more money on lights replacement and maintenance if you use the low-quality or improper light fixtures. The bad lights not only consume more energy power but also depreciate faster, leading to dim and poor lighting.


Each lumen matters a lot for gym led lighting

Gymnasium is large in space, which requires a large number of high-output light fixtures in place to offer the proper amount of light level within the entire room. Subsequently, the total amount of energy consumption is huge in the long run. To save electricity consumption, it's recommended to choose LED high bay lights that can use 80% less power than conventional lights such as metal halide lights and high pressure sodium or fluorescent lamps.  Furthermore, as some differences could exist among different high bay light fixtures from different lighting manufacturers in terms of luminous efficacy, those equipped with a higher luminous rating are more welcomed for a further reduction in energy consumption.


Introduce advanced motion sensor lighting

The motion sensor industrial LED lighting is increasingly popular due to their advanced and flexible lighting control that brings energy saving to a higher level. With the motion detector sensor embedded inside the fixture, the lights can turn on/off automatically based on the changes of surrounding moving objects. You can edit the lighting flexibly, either controlling it within a certain dimming levels or turn of it completely when gymnasium is not used.

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