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Airport LED Light Application

The airport is one of the busiest modern transportation center in the world. Compared with other transportation tools, the airplane could shorten the time spent on the road with higher speed. Because of that, people could fly to other countries in hours and days not like the railway or ship which usually take weeks to arrive. Shorter time spent on the road could effectively reduce the pain and endurance people suffer. It is a crucial factor that determine the influence and importance and even economic level of a city to have an airport center. This modern transportation tool could drive more people to a city for business, travel and working, that means more business opportunities for this area.


With the growing of economic globalization, people tend to travel and do business crossing countries. Everyday thousands of people line up to enter the terminal building. The airport is also one well-being public area in modern country. How to light up the airport is also an essential issue to be considered by the airport owner.

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Why the airport terminal need LED lighting scheme?


Tons of people enter and cross the airport terminal building, it needs enough illumination to avoid accident caused by push and squeeze in rush hour. For the people who try their first flying, they may be confused and lost way in the huge airport terminal. Adequate lighting could make the road indicator highlighted and help them find the right way to different destinations. For replacement of metal halide lamp and incandescent light, LED light is used as the main light source in modern public areas for its benefits of energy-saving and long lifespan. LED light could offer higher light intensity with less electric consuming, high color rendering index, low glare and flicker. The energy-saving and long lifespan features could vastly lower the maintenance cost. Cozy and comfort lighting environment could dispel the fatigue for harried customers and staffs. The LED light could be made into various shapes and forms, LED track light, panel light, downlight or highbay for different applications. With the versatility, the airport manager have more flexibility on choosing the suitable LED light for different areas in airport, which is ideal solution for an airport lighting scheme.



Creating comfort lighting environment for passengers!


The airport terminal building is a public area, usually with security camera installed everywhere to capture dangerous people and case. The bright and even light distributing is an essential factor to put the security camera in optimal working situation. From greet hall to check-in aisle, the walkway, all areas needs lighting for security.


The greet hall is a place to show flight information, customer service reception and buying flight ticket, it is the first place when people enter the terminal. For an airport, the greet room is usually huge and designed to contain thousands of people together. A brighter lighting environment make the flight information displaying clear and give passengers accurate route direction. Kinglumi Milo downlight is a modular LED light system, that is very suitable for greet hall lighting. 6 different sizes selectable from 100mm to 300mm diameter, the airport owner could use different sizes of Milo downlight on the basis of needs. Max 4000LM low glare lumen output could provide adequate, uniform lighting environment. Kinglumi designed reflector could reduce glare and flicker, the test in lab shows the Milo UGR index is 19. Besides of this, Milo also have other attracting features: multiple installations including pendant, recessed, surfaced mounted, trimless, high CRI index Ra90 to bring true color restoration.


The departure hall is where people wait for boarding. Some of passengers require a rest after long-time flying and a good lighting environment is well-being for healthcare. Kinglumi Moon 2.0 LED panel light ideal solution for this situation. Tunable white feature with DALI Type 8 of Moon 2.0 could change the color temperature continuously, high efficacy LED chip could reach up to 100LM/ W. Low UGR index has no harm to eyes, particularly when people wake up from seats.