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Slim & Low profile downlight for shallow ceiling applications

If you have limited-ceiling depths available in your ceiling void to mount a standard recessed downlight then check out our range of shallow downlights. Most GU10 style or LED downlights are at least 60mm deep making them unsuitable for many installations. Especially, more new modern construction houses/buildings is designed with small clearance inside the ceiling, such as 33mm void in Denmark. How to install luminaries in small clearance inside the ceiling becomes a problem.

Where there is a market, there Kinglumi will be. Most Kinglumi's small LED downlights have a much low profile design making them the ideal solution for these applications. The Evolite™ downlight is just 37mm in depth and the Jupiter™ is 32mm, Villa™ is 45mm. These downlights request a plenum clearance, and some wattage even can be directly covered by the thermal insulation(IC or non-IC).

The Evolite™, is Compact, Powerful, Versatile! that offers exceptional value. can be used in where a shallower housing is required. The 37mm low profile design allows it to be fitted into super shallow ceiling voids. with round or square shaped bezel/trim available This downlight fitting is constructed from a high-quality die-cast aluminum and steel alloy while still remaining immensely affordable. It is available in phase-cut dimmable or DALI-2 dimmable versions and is one of the best value downlights to enter the market place.

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22mm Installation Space

Insulated normal wood ceiling

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