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A letter to dear customers and partners about Kinglumi\'s service-oriented development strategy


Dedicated to the design of premium LED lamps, Kinglumi is committed to lighting up the world in an eco-friendly and sustainable way since founded in 2005. All employees at Kinglumi are proud to supply energy saving led lamps, not just durable and user-friendly but creating a more positive, valuable and inspirational lighting environment. Not only do we deliver glare-free and energy-efficient one-of-a-kind LED lighting and sell them around the world but also put customer service in a strategic position. In order to solidify such business philosophy, we are pleased to announce that Kinglumi will endeavor to move from product-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented product development strategy.


What's service-oriented product development strategy?

In the past twelve years, Kinglumi mainly focused on design, manufacturing and selling of premium LED lights around the world but from now on a higher attention is paid to serve customers from perspective of their own requirements and benefits. Firstly, the move is made to cooperate with customers on designing tailor-made and competitive interior lights to customers' unique ODM service requirements which benefits customers for differentiating them from the competitors and improve brand identity and influence. On the other, there will be a more integrated and competitive international business development initiative that's established to ensure a positive participation from multiple parties relating to products design, materials selection and supply, manufacturing, selling, after-sales and products redesign.


Outstanding ODM Service

To satisfy customers' individual needs for specific LED lighting applications, we offer outstanding ODM services for customized commercial lighting projects with extensive experience of designing innovative, exceptional and high-quality custom commercial lighting fittings. With a strong R&D capability and engineering excellence, Kinglumi is able to help customers turn their creative and unique ideas into lucrative new products and help resolve technical problems and challenges.

Strong R&D capability 

Focused on delivering one-of-a-kind commercial led light fittings with a R&D team of approximately 35 professionals, Kinglumi insists on designing each component of luminaires(except for chip which's Cree or Samsung), which plays an important role ensuring the good quality from the very beginning.


Sales+PM: The passionate and experienced sales&products professionals at Kinglumi, who can speak fluent English, French and Spanish languages, are committed to putting customer needs first and doing their utmost to maximize the added value for customers.

●  Innovation Team: ID(Industrial Design), Optic Design, EFD Thermal Evaluation

● Software: 3D Max, Pro E, CorelDraw, Photoshop, AI, RHINO, Lighttool, Tracepro, Zemax, Dialux, EFD

● Mechanism Design Team: Mechanism Design and Packaging Design

● Power Supply Design Team: DALI, 1-10V, Triac DIM, Microwave driver Design

● Software Design Team: DALI, IOS, Android System

● Test Team: Lifespan, Electrical and Optic Parameter test and evaluation