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Adding sparkle to commodities in supermarkets with Kinglumi\'s LED wall washer lighting


The supermarket, where varieties of commodities are on display, has different impacts on consumers' perceptions and actions when the commodities on racks/shelves are displayed in a different way. The design and lay-out of commodity displays are significantly important and should be done perfectly to create consumers satisfaction and intensify brand awareness. Lighting has been one of the most important element used to design the supermarket commodity displays and highlight the items on display racks and shelves, crucial for stimulating purchasing behavior.


Kinglumi's LED wall washer lighting, designed to illuminate the supermarket displays, not only providing enough and uniform luminance on the items of racks and shelves but also shed vivid, soft and natural light on the commodities. With advanced optics design and dark light reflectors, the wall-washer LED light by Kinglumi is ideal for supermarket displays by emitting 60° x 90 ° wide and even asymmetric lighting distribution.


Offering manual locking with 350° Rotation and 180° Tilting

This asymmetric wall-washer LED light provides manual 350° degree rotation and 180° degree tilt, evenly washing vertical surfaces with exceptionally wide and uniform lighting. It leads to a high flexibility of adjusting the pan/tilt locking positions of light fixtures to the specific needs of lighting distribution. What's particularly outstanding of such wall-washer LED light is the ability to illuminate the commodity displays on two sides of supermarket aisles, ensuring all light fixtures are located exactly on the same line with good appearance.


Up to 100lm/W energy efficiency

The high levels of brightness is one of key element in terms of lighting design in the supermarket to give sufficient and shadow-free lighting over large stretches of space. As supermarket shelves are stored with a variety of merchandise in piles, lighting plays a critical role enabling consumers to see all shelved products clearly. Offered in 23W and 45w, this LED wall washer light has a high energy efficiency up to 100LM/W which can maintain sufficient levels of light on the merchandise of supermarkets. Besides, such led wall washer is able to illuminate the shelved commodities from a 1.5m distance, ideal for different shelves from 1.8m to 2.5m in height.


Both recessed and track mounted wall washer light

To meet a wide range of installation needs in supermarket, there are two kinds of LED wall washer lights that have some difference on size, appearance and installation way. The first one, which's  230*140*100mm in size , is recessed or surface mounted led wall washer that's suitable for the supermarket with a low ceiling. If the ceiling is high, you may choose our another wall washer lighting for supermarket that's at size of 223*108*262mm and installed in a track-mounted way. Regardless of what's chosen, these innovative and good-looking light fixtures are able to create a perfect ambient atmosphere in supermarket and improve consumers' shopping experience.


Delivering great color rendering with CCT optional

The lighting used for supermarket displays must have a great color because excellent colors can highlight the products in a favorable way and help emphasize the quality of shelved items. With a high CRI of 82+, Kinglumi led wall washer light has a exceptionally great color rendering and can shed high-quality colors on the commodities on display. The color temperature for this led wall washer light can also be selected as2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K which changes from warmer light to a colder light.


Other applications

Apart from being used in the supermarket, this asymmetrical wall-washer lighting is also ideal light fixtures to be applied in many other applications such as residential areas, retail stores, sports and recreation , automotive and parking, education, government, healthcare, hospitality, offices and banks, just to speak a few.

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