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MK modular spotlight-Integrating LED luminaires up to 228 types into one system


The lighting technology is constantly changing to satisfy varying needs of human being from providing basic illumination to realizing possibilities of all kinds of decorative designs, and from optimizing energy efficiency to the goals of improving people's wellbeing. We have to admit that lighting innovation is the driving force behind such great changes and will continue to unlock more possibilities for building a better world.

Kinglumi has been dedicated to providing innovative LED lighting since founded in 2005, not only focusing on optimal energy efficiency but also emphasizing the importance of user-friendliness. By thinking what's consumers thinking about, our engineers are always designing state-of-the-art modern led lighting to meet the changing needs of customers and help resolve the challenges facing them in life. The MK modular spotlight, which's designed to integrate 228 types of led light fittings into one system, shows how our engineers think outside the box to blend general lighting, accent lighting and vertical lighting into one lighting system.


Configured up to 228 different types of LED lighting fittings

Available with 16 different components of frames, light engines, LED drivers, lens and docking accessories, Kinglumi MK integrated modular lighting system can be configured up to 228 different types of recessed lights. This DIY lamp is equipped with modular design, allowing for a high flexibility of customizing your favorite led lamps shortly. Offered in 2000LM and 4000LM, it can be made with both square and round frame as well as different driver such as Non-dimmable, Dali and 1-10V dimmable. Besides this, the light distribution or beam angle is interchangeable ranging from 24°,38°,60°to 80°x45°.

This integrated modular ceiling light is highly praised by some experts in the industry for emphasizing the user friendliness to a large extent. Under help of docking accessories, it supports flexible docking of multiple luminaires into one connected lighting system in different forms. Many of our customers say this is one of most important lighting innovation that they have been exploring as such lighting system can be flexibly applied into various applications according to the specific needs and in the meantime slash inventory costs efficiently.


Delivering interchangeable lighting distributions

The different lighting distributions, which's usually emitted by different light fixtures, are required to provide lighting for different applications. This integrated lighting, provided with interchangeable lighting patterns including  24°,38°,60°,80°x45°, is able to satisfy different lighting distributions with the same light fixture. With ability to deliver general lighting, accent lighting and vertical lighting, such modular recessed lighting is given an improved use efficiency and play an important role reducing the inventory costs that emerge due to use of different light fixtures.

Providing 350 degree rotation and 50 degree tilt

Adjustable with 350 degree rotation and 50 degree tilt, our MK integrated spotlights are the perfect light fittings providing precise and multi-directional illumination. A factor in its popularity is that the users can adjust such light fixture freely and position it to the best condition for optimal lighting distribution. With flexible options of pan/tilt locking, it is ideal for being used in a wide range of applications such as retail shops, museums, art gallery, school, hotel and residential areas ,etc.


Outstanding optics design

The Patented CAMETA lens, along with black lens bracket, are included in such integrated modular lighting system to ensure low-glare and flicker-free lighting. Due to advanced optics design, this light was developed with a high energy efficiency up to 100LM/W, essential for delivering sufficient and energy-efficient illumination. 

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