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Some techniques on how to install light fixture correctly


It's clear that professional installations of light fixtures play a significant role ensuring the effective operation and the overall stability of light fittings. Therefore, some techniques associated with lighting installations are important to be kept in mind in order to guarantee safety, improve light use efficiency and save money in the long run.

Firstly, it easily causes an increase in body temperature of light fixtures if they are installed too closely. The life expectancy of luminaires are easily compromised when lights work in high temperatures all year around. What's worse, the light fixtures are more likely to get broken or burned out while working in high temperature conditions, which poses potential threat to health and safety of people. Responding to this, some measures that 're critical for heat transfer of light fittings, such as keeping air circulating in the ceilings,  should be taken to ensure efficient and safe operation of luminaries.

The light fixtures also need to be positioned without touching the flammable objects like curtain and wooden furniture to reduce the risk of fire hazards. As heat sources such as gas appliances can lead to increased temperatures in surrounding environments, the installed lights should be located away from them. For example, the light fittings in kitchen need to be placed at least 1M away from electrical heat sources for the purpose of safety.

In terms of pendant lighting, the wire from structural ceiling to light head should not be subjected to a strained condition during lights installation as this can potentially cause wires to be damaged in the long run. In addition, the architectural ceiling should provide sturdy structural support of pendant light fixtures to get rid of any safety accidents. After the installation is finished, it's imperative to make sure the wires are not exposed or in conditions of moisture.

The preparation work, which includes testing the lamps firstly before they're installed, as well as preparing an even and clean surface, remains an important part of the whole lighting installation process to save time and laboring costs. The concrete surface, if not dried and dealt with well before light fixtures are installed , is likely to reduce the insulation performance of lamps and cause peeling off of the paint. Besides, when you are doing an installation of outdoor waterproof light fixtures, they must be placed according to the correct direction instructions provided by manufacturer so as to prevent water from entering products.

Apart from these techniques on light fixtures installation, there is another key element-the quality of lamps, which should be a higher priority in order to provide the perfect lighting, maintain the safety of people and reduce the maintenance costs over a long period of time.

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