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Kinglumi® unveils full range of cETLus Type IC Commercial & Residential Downlights


In order to provide versatile commercial and residential lighting options, Kinglumi® has launched seven Series of cETLus approved recessed downlights that come with glare-free and high efficacy performance as well as various beams spread for generating accent, wall washing and general lighting. All of these square and round downlights are listed with UL 1958 or UL 2108, CSA C22.2#9.0:1996 & C22.2 No. 250.0 complaint.

With modern appearance and high performance design, Kinglumi® recessed downlight fixtures(with torsion spring clips) are offered for new installation into drywall without any additional housing or junction box. They are supplied with various sizes of 3", 4", 5", 6" and 8" aperture cut-out options, along with type IC or non-IC rated design and can be used in damp location applications. The Kinglumi®low profile recessed downlights are characterized by a quick installation and maintenance with double knock outs for wire loop in and loop out. All of these recessed light fittings are guaranteed by proprietary LED technology, reliable service and warranty.

MK Multiple Recessed Downlights:

Come with optimal flexibility as a complete modular lighting system, the MK Multiple recessed led fixtures, which stand out for reducing inventory risk with quick start up, are the ideal light fixtures for providing accent lighting, general lighting and vertical wall washing lighting in commercial and residential applications. Available in round and square frames, the luminaires can be docked and configured freely in various forms of 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 2x2 and so on.

Water-drop Recessed Wall washer

Water-drop Wall washer Recessed downlights, which's designed for vertical lighting with asymmetric light distribution, provide a rectangle, wide and uniform wall washer lighting for shelves and racks in shopping mall, supermarket etc. They are available in both recessed and track mounted versions, together with 180-degree adjustment, suitable for use in different lighting environments for easy installation and user-friendliness. Due to a high efficacy of 90LPW, such recessed led downlights can save nearly 50% energy compared to ceramic metal halide and offers glare-free and uniform high quality lighting with 25° shielding angle.


Maco Recessed Downlight(6”, 8”):

Described as the perfect replacement of compact fluorescent downlights, the Maco recessed downlights adopt modular design and offer high flexibility of changing 6 inch and 8 inch interchangeable trims based on same led light engine. The facetted reflector create a bat wings light distribution with 25° shielding angle, essential for improving lighting comfort and uniformity. Maco is IC rated and provides the perfect combination of efficiency, light comfort and design.

Capricorn  2.0 Recessed Downlight(4”, 5”, 6”, 8”):

Capricorn downlights are equipped with the CAMETA® TIR lens and facetted baffle, extrusion aluminum body heat sink and advanced Luminus® COB LED technology. They provide 4” to 8”  cut-out sizes and can be used in insulated ceilings. The advanced optics design lead to soft, natural and comfortable lighting , as well as generating low energy consumption with energy efficacy up to 110LPW and color rendering index of 90.


Saturn Recessed Modular Downlight(3”):

The Saturn series of downlights are equipped with completely modularized and IC rated design , which provides a tool-free detachable lighting solution with versatile options: light engine(6W, 8W and 12W, Dim to Warm available), Trims(>10 different type) , Hardware Driver(Junction Box) and the optics parts are interchangeable. High flexibility applications for what you need.

Mars Recessed Downlight(3 1/2”)

Mars is a modern faceted reflector design IC rated downlight family. It provides high quality of light with color rendering or Ra 90+, or Dim to warm Ra 95. Mars family combines 3 members: Mars 360, Mars Trimless and Mars Fix. Mars 360 can be adjusted 30° in all directions. Mars Trimless has a trumpet bezel, airtight deisgn, while Mars Fix is a normal style. 

Jupiter Recessed Downlight(3 1/2”):

Suitable for use in spray foam insulation ceilings with low profile and airtight performance, as well as powered by CREE® COB LED, Jupiter 2.0 provides high lumen output as perfect replacement of 50W halogen retrofit applications. The Jupiter series combine: Jupiter Deep, Jupiter 360, Jupiter Screwfix. Jupiter Deep is fixed deep optics; Jupiter 360 has 150° rotation plus +/-30° tilt while Jupiter Screwfit is designed to fit in with cement-bonded wood wool panel ceilings.



Mars recessed downlights                                Saturn recessed downlights                   Maco recessed downlight


Water-drop wall washer                                       MK integrated downlights