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Create a unique office decor with APOLLO suspended panel lights


Suspended LED panel lights, which's described as an effective tool in improving the decor, can seamless integrate with new designs and styles of modern interiors. They offer more flexible lighting options to suit the individual requirements and are able to create differentiated, cozy and charming interior spaces in various applications like office, workplace, schools, restaurants, library, retail, just speak a few.

Available in various sizes and watts, the APOLLO suspended led panel lights are exclusively designed to meet the increasingly higher needs of modern, energy-efficient and lightweight suspended ceiling light fixtures to different situations. The standard sizes of APOLLO led suspended ceiling lights include 295x595mm, 595mmx595mm,295mmx1195mm,620mmx620mm,595mmx1195mm that's suitable for use as worldwide version ,along with 605x605mm, 303mmx1212mm, 605mmx1212mm for use in North America. The customized service can be offered to expand the sizes options and deliver additional unique lighting solutions.

 The ultra slim APOLLO suspended led panel can be retrofitted into existing constructions and make installation process quicker and easier compared to standard suspended light fixtures. With clean and sleek look, they are the perfect light fixtures to be integrated with existing ceilings and create a beautiful modern appeal for office interiors. This pendant LED troffer directs bright and glare-free lighting that features exceptional energy efficiency and high uniformity.

What's particularly unique of APOLLO ceiling grid suspended panel lights are that they light up the office spaces brightly even if the light source appears invisible. The design idea of such UGR16 office panel lights came from focusing on improving the lighting comfort and visibility for people in office who usually sit at the computers all day long. With eyes under less exposure of light source over days, the risk of eye fatigue and eyestrain can be reduced, which can potentially lead to improved productivity and satisfaction among employees.

In addition, the range of linear pendant APOLLO panel lights are also available utilizing advanced optics technology with stylish and sleek look.  They come to offer highly efficient and energy-saving lighting solutions for various commercial applications. 

Installed at any height, which depends on specific ceiling constructions, our pendant APOLLO pendant panel lights are perfect for lighting up spaces where both concentrated and general lighting are required. Given a simple wiring connection, the suspended APOLLO panel lights characterized by a quick start up and easy maintenance, thus reducing the laboring and operations costs over days.

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