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Top 5 lighting trends 2018


As an efficient light source, LED lighting has changed our life dramatically in the past several decades with rapid development. Based on its energy efficiency, environmentally friendliness as well as dropped costs, the number of new LED lights  to be installed are increasing amazingly around the world annually. Due to continued efforts and support from an increasingly number of countries on popularization of efficient LED lighting, the LED lighting market will continue to flourish in 2018 with some basic top 5 lighting trends.


LED lighting market still has great potential in 2018

Some studies show that the estimated number of replaceable lamps around the globe is measured at 60-70 billion, which is still a huge figure despite the fact that during 2012-2016 a total of almost 12 billion LED light fixtures have been used globally. In response to such huge potential market, LED lighting manufacturers will seize such great moment and work hard to expand market shares by developing more innovative, smart and energy-efficient LED lighting products. It's estimated that there will be 6-7 billion new LED light fixtures to be used annually until 2020 around the world, which will have a significant impact on reducing energy use and reducing carbon emissions.


Smart led lights will be more popular

Smart technologies are happening and popular in many industries recently and bringing many outstanding benefits and conveniences to people's work and lives, which is same true in lighting industry. From controlling the lighting wireless on your smart phone & tablets to automatic lighting adjustments based on smart occupancy or motion sensor, smart lighting comes to optimize the energy efficiency and change how lights work in a smart and eco-friendly manner. Smart lights will be used as one of important smart home LoT device that can integrate seamlessly with other smart devices and work together to serve the people in a better way.


Lifi light ready to be adopted

Lifi or Visible Light Communication technology offers internet connectivity via the visible light signal and begins to be applied in many fields due to high security, high speed connection and eco-friendly transmission way. Lighting is one of significant field that Lifi technology can be utilized to provide wireless and connected lighting systems via internet in many applications such as offices, airports, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, just to speak a few. There will appear more Lifi led lights for next year in the market that can potentially change the trend of wireless lighting systems in the future.


Eco friendly lighting will be under the spotlight

The awareness of environmental protection is improved significantly in recent years and many countries have taken positive measures to address their environmental problems. Lighting pollution problem, which has influenced the quality of people's life for many years, is taken seriously and paid a very high attention by many countries and regions around the world. The old-style incandescent bulbs, for example, have been banned for sale across Europe, America, Australia due to low energy efficiency and negative environmental impacts. This undoubtedly creates great opportunities for further development of LED lighting due to benefits of high energy efficiency and environmental protection.


Comfort and health benefits of lighting matter

Lighting is seen as one of important element in modern design and can have big impacts on people within the space. Safe, comfortable and healthy lighting is fundamental to people for building a human-centric lighting environment. The modern lighting should be uniform, glare-free and flicker-free to improve productivity ,ensuring well-being and positive feelings.