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Add perfect ambiance to space with Water-drop flexible track lighting


The water-drop range of LED flexible track lighting is unique and patented with modern, stylish and fashionable finish. Since launched in 2015, they're highly recognized by industry and society, as well as achieving a remarkable sales results around the world due to some killer core competencies that differentiate it from competitors in the market.

Come with 115lm/W high energy efficacy

We use high efficacy CREE™ or Luminus™ COB array LEDs and adopt advanced optical design to ensure the energy efficacy of such led tract light reach up to 115lm/W, which means it lights up your entire space with efficient lighting while producing less power consumptions. Therefore, for the same space, the Water-drop flexible LED track lights can enable you to use less light fixtures but deliver bright and focus light, crucial for saving costs of installation and maintenance as well as energy consumptions. 

Deliver desired lighting properly

This adjustable led track light with white, silver and black color finishes blend well with a wide variety of interior designs with versatile functionalities. Freely adjusted by 350 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically, the Water-drop COB track lights can be placed to direct the proper and good quality light where you really need it most. They are the ideal light fixtures for use to produce accent lighting and general lighting in retail shops, museums, art-galleries, automotive and offices, hospitalities, government, restaurants.

Contemporary and versatile design

With contemporary, clean and fashionable design, this led track lighting kit can work well with different track systems, together with a large number of track lighting accessories of Barndoor, Snoot, Honeycomb, Oval Snoot. Carefully designed with a very color rendering index of up to 95, they add a wonderful and compelling atmosphere for your place with modern and stylish finish that's important to make people feel relaxed and comfortable.


Equipped with advanced zoom technology

The zoom version of water-drop or Water-drop plus zoom led track lights are also available with flexible manual control of lens within 10° to 40°for producing desired lighting. This allows you to choose the ideal lighting distribution depending on time and applications.

Save money by utilizing dimming solution

The dimming solution is available for Water-drop series of LED track lighting fittings that adopt different LED dimmers such as DALI, Triac, ELV ,etc. After wiring LED dimmers with track light systems, they allow for free and convenient control of light brightness depending on use of applications, periods of time and the specific mood and so on. In the long run, dimmable lighting solution is a worthwhile investment for saving power consumption and effectively improving light fitting lifespan.

Safe and endurable

Made with high quality die-casting aluminum material, these led track lights are sturdy and strong with a high durability. Each process of quality testing is conducted strictly to ensure the products quality and achieve safety performance. Due to adhering to the listed high quality standards and safety attributes in lighting industry, the Water-drop LED track lights are recognized by many professional testing institutes and certified by TUV CE, RoHS , A+ Energy Efficiency Class, ETL,FCC,DLC, etc.

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