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Parent-child Christmas party held at Kinglumi


A unique, joyful and warm Christmas event, which's attended by company employees and their lovely kids, was successfully organized at Kinglumi to celebrate Christmas. The party was planned to create a good opportunity for kids to understand how their parents work every day, as well as improving communication and emotional bond between them. 

The reception area and offices were given a strong festive atmosphere after careful decoration with Christmas tree, balloons, paper cuttings, Christmas stickers, colorful ribbons, etc. Everyone arrived early morning at around 8:30AM, taking photos together in front of Christmas tree and enjoyed the moments of happiness.  


As event started, the kids were firstly taken to entertainment rooms that's prepared in advance with all kinds of toys and lovely decorations. Excited and delighted, the kids played with each other and participated in a series of interactive games under the guide of professional teachers. All of a sudden, the whole company was filled with the sounds of joy and laughter from the kids.


The activity of DIY Christmas cartoon crafts came after kids were tired of playing, which required every child to finish their own arts crafts with colorful and different buttons. In this process, the children can give full play to their imagination and wisdom to create wonderful and versatile arts paintings. Meanwhile, the DIY T-shirt program was also followed and the kids were very excited to design their own T-shirt crafts under the help of parents.


After attending rich activities, the kids sit around the parents and had experience of working at the computers, which offered them opportunity to feel the hard work of their parents. For some little babies, despite of their lack of awareness, their smile is one of the best moment their parents experience in life.  

We prepared delicious food at the end of event and people had a good time eating together while sharing their ideas and feelings about the event. As event came to end, every child was very excited to receive a wonderful Christmas gift and went home with parents happily.