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New launch of Xline linear track lighting



We 're pleased to announce the launch of our new 28W/50W Xline Linear track lighting that comes equipped with 3000/6000LM lumen output, flexible optical lens of  25°x90°,85°x85°,120°, as well as stylish and contemporary design. They are supplied with a wide range of superior functionalities to provide uniform and glare-free lighting for applications of supermarkets, retail shops, warehouses, production facilities, halls, offices, conference rooms, automotive and parking, museum, art galleries ,etc.

Basic benefits:

Seamlessly blend light fixtures in space

-Modern, stylish and clean design

-Easy and flexible installations

Build human-centric lighting environments 

- See the light without seeing light source

- Eco-friendly and glare-free LED linear track lighting kits

- Create comfortable and pleasant atmosphere


Asymmetrical light distribution

-Provide uniform modern linear lighting where it's needed most

-No eye contact with the light source


High efficacy with advanced optics

-110LM/W luminous efficacy(3000-5000LM)

- Utilizing latest energy efficiency technology

- UV- and IR-free light


Available in multiple optical lens

- Optical lens: 25°x90°,85°x85°,120°

- Deliver versatile and high quality lighting solutions


Dimming options

-Triac solutions(Triac


Contact us via sales@kinglumi.com to discover more details.