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Delight track light kits: Help create compelling retail store lighting



The design of retail stores is one of the most significant element to draw attention from shoppers and improve business sales, particularly in such an increasingly competitive retailing business market. The LED retail lighting, which's said to be an important tool to create a unique and compelling retail design, should be selected carefully to make a difference in driving footfall to your stores and identifying brand.


As one of leading manufacturer in China producing state-of-the-art retail led lighting fixtures, Kinglumi adheres to lighting innovation and constantly unveils new commercial retail track lighting that feature advanced lighting performance and user friendliness. One of our outstanding newly designed track light fixture is Delight track light kits that's highly praised among customers for delivering contemporary and perfect retail lighting solutions.


Build eye-catching window display lighting

The store window display is where shoppers have first impression on the store, playing an important role affecting consumer decision making process of entering a store or not. Our Delight retail window display lights are helpful to create the dynamic and pleasing lighting with high quality COB multi LED arrays and impressive faceted reflector design contributing to excellent heat dissipation. The wide range of optical lens of 10°,24°,38°,60° make it easier to create the desired lighting style and atmosphere to match well with the displayed items and increase brand awareness.


Set the right mood and improve impressions.

When it comes to track lighting for retail space, the lighting style should be taken into consideration firstly to blend lighting well with merchandise displays. The Delight energy efficient retail lighting, which's designed in a wide selection of watts from 8W to 40W(570-3500LM), along with Triac dimming solutions, allow for varieties of lighting solutions to meet the needs of specific lighting style and atmosphere. According to different layouts and architectural designs of retail stores, you can combine light fixtures of different attributes together to highlight various spaces and give customers a better shopping experience.


Enhance merchandise appearance and increase sales

Some studies show that how the commodities are displayed has emotional impact on consumers and the visual merchandising is more likely to attract shopper's attention and influence purchase behavior. The Pure White COB Arrays Below the Black Body Locus (BBL) LED technology is adopted, leading to visual merchandising displays by improving the high color rendering index of Ra 90+( GAI >100), which makes white colors look purer while reds and other colors appear brighter and crisper(Similar to Philips Lumileds Crispwhite light color effect). It reveals the true colors of the commodities and enhances their appearance to leave a lasting impression on consumers, emitting the human-centric “Pure white” light and ideal for CMH replacement.

Add fashionable ambiance to your store

The Delight track light fixtures are characterized by fashionable, modern and exquisite appearance design to improve the overall ambiance in your retail stores. They are the good lighting choice to create the good atmosphere of elegance, beauty and fashion, beneficial to differentiate your brand with the competitors. In addition, these lighting fixtures for commercial retail applications are compatible with various track systems to meet the needs of aesthetic and creative installations for varieties of interior designs. 

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