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Xline LED track light: Provide desired aisle lighting for supermarket



Aisles for supermarkets are where a variety of commodities are organized and presented to offer customers shopping experience. The properly designed LED aisle lighting is key to reaching shoppers with improved attention and purchase behavior. There is no doubt that the aisles with visual merchandising under adequate and uniform lighting are able to increase customer retention and boost business sales.


Our Xline LED linear light fixtures, which's available in 30W and 55W with a high energy efficiency of 110LM/W, are the perfect LED aisle lighting solutions in supermarket. They are exclusively designed with ability to provide various lighting distributions of 25°x90°,85°x85°and 120°, which's accessible to satisfy the different needs and requirements of aisles with different designs and layouts.


The Linear LED linear lamps deliver asymmetric lighting for vertical direction which means the lighting is provided exactly where it is required. The exquisite, contemporary and clean appearance of such commercial linear lights make it easy to blend well with aisles architectures, improving the aesthetics of interior decoration and overall look of aisle layout design. 

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