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Light & Building 2018: See and touch Kinglumi\'s premium LED lights



The Messe Light and building fair, which's recognized as the largest trade show for lighting and building services, is going to be held in Frankfurt soon from March 18 to 23. This great event will attract tens of thousands of exhibitors as well as hundreds of thousands of visitors around the globe who are interesting in lighting, building plan and design, architectural engineering solutions, retailers ,etc.


As one of leading supplier for premium lighting products and solutions, Kinglumi will continue to attend Messe Light Building 2018, showcasing both existing and potential customers worldwide with our new and best selling LED lights. Some of these LED lights that will be presented at the Light Building Frankfurt fair include our new Xline Linear track lights, APOLLO LED panel lights,  Annulight™ industrial high bay lights, Smarter LED track lights and Delight track lights.  


Xline Linear LED track lighting: Provide one-stop light solutions

Xline™ LED linear light system can operate as one-stop lighting solutions for plenty of commercial applications by providing asymmetrical(120°), Batwing(85°x85°), single and double lighting distributions. (25°x90°) . The possibility of different light patterns makes it possible to meet the needs of general lighting, accent lighting and wall washer lighting for such linear track lighting system. Additionally, the sleek, clean and fashionable appearance design allows such modern linear track lighting system to blend with architectural structures naturally and harmoniously, adding esthetics value to interior design.


APOLLO™ panel light kitsBring comfort to office environment.

The APOLLO™ surface mounted LED panel light by Kinglumi is defined as an effective tool to create human-centric office lighting environments where people can have a feel of improved comfort, higher level of satisfaction and more happiness.  Modular, detachable and recycling, these are parts of attributes owned by our APOLLO™ recessed lighting panels, bringing concept of contemporary office lighting design to a higher level and reinforcing the idea of eco-friendliness further.


Annulight™ LED high power high bay: Optimize energy use of lighting

It's important to consider energy efficiency performance when choosing industrial led high bay light due to requirements of super bright lighting over large spaces. On the one hand, Kinglumi's  Annulight™ CE,Rohs, SAA, ETL certified LED high bay lights are designed with outstanding luminous efficacy up to 140LM/W for emitting adequate light efficiently based on much less energy use. On the another hand, we put smart lighting control system-360-degree built-in occupancy sensor, in the high bay light fittings to adjust the brightness and turn on/off lights automatically.


Smarter™ track spotlights: Adapt to the needs of flexible positions

Up to 120LM/W energy efficacy, the Smarter™ series of LED track spotlights are able to be positioned freely for different kinds of retail lighting applications. They come with a variety of installations of track mounted, semi-recessed pendant ,semi-recessed spot, as well as semi-recessed surface options. In addition, the dim to warm functionality is available for Smarter™ unique LED track lighting fixtures, making the light concept of "The more you dim, the warmer the light" come true.


Delight™ track light: Lighting commodities with improved color quality

The Delight™ range of track lights are able to reveal true colors of displayed commodities effectively due to their substantially high color render index from at least 90 to 98. This is essential to light up the retail stores or other commercial interior spaces in a vivid and lively manner, improving the feel of shopping experience for customers. These modern LED track lights also present multiple beam angles for reflectors including 10°,24°,38° and 60°to achieve versatile lighting solutions.


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