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APOLLO Linear suspension lighting: Build beautiful light settings


Our new APOLLO linear suspension lighting is now available with same LED light source and optical design as APOLLO LED panel lights. Sized at 1050mmx70mmx70mm,such suspended led lighting is perfectly suited for different kinds of applications such as offices, libraries, meeting rooms, retail spaces, shopping malls, residential areas and so on. They are available at 28W and have a high light output of 3200lm-3600lm, creating well-lit light settings while using low energy.


Bring elegance and value to your property

LED linear pendant lighting is able to build beautiful lighting for your property with clean lines and added elegance. You can take full advantage of linear lighting systems to create desired architectural colors and forms as well as add elements of innovation, fashion and diversity to interior spaces. Based on the individual needs, you can either use linear pendant light fixtures to create a comfortable and dynamic office environment for your employees or greet your customers with an amazing impression.


UGR <16 performance: Keep glare to minimum levels

There is an increasingly higher demands on comfort and health for living and working environments nowadays following economy development and improvements of people's livelihood. The glare from light is known to affect the health of people and easily cause eyestrain and fatigue of people who's exposed to unhealthy lighting for long periods of time. Fortunately, our such linear pendant led lighting is designed with outstanding low glare performance with UGR<16, which's able to emit incredibly even, healthy and soft lighting effects.


Easily installed and harmoniously blended into architectures

it's quite easy to know that installation accounts for a few percentage of overall project budget, particularly for countries where laboring costs is quite high. Easily installed and freely hung to your ceiling directly, our APOLLO led linear suspended fixture can save you much time and money on installation process. What's more, it reduces the risk of damaging architectural structures for wiring cabling and can blend with your current interiors naturally and harmoniously.

Suited for creating flexible light settings

From survey of market research, it's important to note that the light fittings with versatile lighting solutions are more popular among both wholesale and end user customers. The design of APOLLO linear suspension lights abide by this principle and adopts multiple lighting solutions such as DALI, 1-10 or Non-dim dimming options as well as different color temperatures from 2700K-5000K. In addition, they are also created with two different wide beam angles including 75°x85° and 85°x85°in order to be best suited for specific lighting scenes.

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