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Free tour of passion and happiness for Kinglumi team in Xunliao Bay


A tour to Xunliao Bay, located in Guangdong province as a famous tourist resort full of beautiful coastal lines, clear water and dazzling beaches, was recently organized for Kinglumi people from 08 to 09,March. This is one of regular events that's annually arranged at Kinglumi to provide employees opportunity for increasing engagement and interaction. The tour, which kicked off under arrangement from a professional travel agency in Shenzhen, was successfully held and played an important role helping employees develop a sense of belonging.


Learn archery skills and take part in competition

After arriving at destination of this tour, we were firstly taken to an archery club by travel guide. In the beginning, the professional coach taught us basic some basic archery skills as well as demonstrating us how to fire arrows through the bar accurately. Everyone listened to the coach carefully because an archery competition would be held soon later on. After knowing the tips of archery, all team members had a total of 10 arrows to practice archery for preparing the competition. The whole competition started under a happy and excited atmosphere.


Living in Five-star hotel with experience of Hot Springs

As one of ideal place to avoid summer heat, Xunliao Bay is characterized by plenty of high-end hotels that include beautiful beaches, outside pools as well as many hot springs. This time, we're pleased to live in a famous Five-star hotel called Regal Palace Resort Huizhou hotel that provides first-class facilities and outstanding services. All of us had a wonderful time of relaxation and happiness either soaking in l hot spring pools and swimming pools or just taking a walk on the beautiful beach.


Wonderful BBQ and Bonfire party

The BBQ and bonfire party was held later on after we enjoyed ourselves in Hot Springs. The party is one of the most interesting experience we had in this tour, which lets Kinglumi people stay connected and engaged further. In terms of barbecues, frankly speaking, it takes some techniques to cook varieties of meats and vegetables well over fire. However, it's still very fun even though some of us do not master basic barbeque techniques but can still enjoy delicious food from other teams. In addition, two roasted whole lambs were prepared and tasted pretty good.


Following the BBQ activity, a wonderful bonfire party kicked off with all of people singing and dancing around a bonfire hand in hand. The party was conducted in an atmosphere full of passion, excitement and warmth. We joined together like a big family and enjoyed a happy time.


Travelling to replicated Hallstatt village in China

The second day of the whole tour started with a trip to a replicated Hallstatt village in China which's built and modeled after an entire Austrian village of Hallstatt. Since opened to public in 2012, this cloned village attracts thousands of visitors every day and develops itself as a perfect place for people to take stunning wedding photos. The whole village is strewn with many elegant and refined stores, restaurants and beer bars, as well as cobblestone laneways. Upon arrival, we can't help finding the best locations and take pictures together.


Fruit Picking experience at farm  

Our last destination of the tour is located at the suburb of Huizhou city, a big orchard that's full of a great variety of fresh fruits and vegetables such as peaches, grapes, strawberries, Papayas, Tomatoes, mangoes, eggplants, sugarcanes, etc. The orchard owner allows us to pick any fruits we love as long as we buy them after leaving the farm. This event particularly attracts the attention of kids and bring parents a great opportunity to engage with children happily.