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Kinglumi released Smarter cylinder pendant track lights up to 120LM/W


Kinglumi's new range of Smarter cylinder pendant track lighting, which adopts CREE®, Luminus® or Bridgelux® COB LEDs,  include 8W/15W/22W watts delivering high lumen output from 610lm-2600lm. They are constructed based on the version of Smarter family LED track lights and suited to be used for a variety of new construction or retrofit architectural spaces in retail stores, supermarkets, auto dealership shops, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, offices, etc. Such  track lighting pendants and systems have the ability to generate both general lighting within the space as well as offering accent lighting for a certain objects that's need to be outstanding on display or clear enough to be seen by people.


Add modernity and aesthetics to interior spaces

To add modernity and aesthetics to the architectural interiors, the Smarter cylinder track lighting pendant lights are designed with new-fashioned and shiny appearance. Offered with 59” cuttable suspension cable, the fixture is able to be flexibly installed with different heights. These new led pendant fixtures come with different compact diameters of 2 3/8”(8W), 2 3/4”(10W/15W), 3 3/16”(22W) and provide flexibility for varying installation environments. What's more, there are several different junction boxes available to satisfy the needs of customers which cover 3” octagonal, 4” octagonal, 3” round and 4” round boxes. 


Utilize modular approach to light parts

The Smarter dimmable pendant track lights adopts modular approach to individual light parts such as LED light source, led power supply, housing and lens which are movable and exchangeable. This can to a great extent improve the user friendliness and use efficiency of light fixtures and satisfy the needs of customers for creating flexible lighting solutions. For example, you can replace the led light source in the fixture for a higher light output or better Ra value of the fixture. It's also possible to create a different light distribution just by adding a new reflector lens to the existing light fixture. The modular design of led pendant light fixtures not only help you reduce the repair and maintenance costs substantially but also expand the possibilities of lighting designs.


High quality lighting performance

These pendant led track lighting kits, with CRI up to 95, is designed with extruded aluminum housing, which's helpful to heat dissipation between light fixture and outside. They are compatible with ELV and Triac LED dimmers to set required light levels and save power use as much as possible. The fixtures are offered across multiple CCT options which include 2700K,3000K,3500K,5000K and 5000K. Delivered at different beam angles of 15°,24°,38°,60°, these pendant track lights are perfectly providing flexible light levels based on the needs of specific lighting projects.


Warm dimming available for 15W

The 15W Smarter modern track pendant light uses latest dim to warm or warm dimming technology that keeps a warmer light after the fixture is dimmed down from 3000K to 2000K. This warm dimming technology enables fixture to provide 3000K CCT at 100% full power and keeps CCT to 2000K at 10% light levels. These fixtures are perfectly made to realize the visual comfort that's desired by hospitality lighting applications such as hotels and restaurants but save much more technology than traditional halogen lamps. 

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