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Kinglumi introduces DALI Water-drop Pro track lighting fixtures


Kinglumi launched Water-drop™ Pro range of DALI track lighting fixtures that's 100% DALI tested and approved with original global GAC 69 adaptor. Available in a total of four models of 15 watts, 24watts, 35watts and 40watts, the track lighting fixtures adopt the DALI technology to achieve flexible lighting control and dimming from 100% to 0%. This is to a great extent helpful to reduce energy use and costs as well as building green and environment-friendly interior spaces. The possibility and flexibility of DALI lighting control can match the needs of user experience and bring excellent visual comfort.


Constructed to be compatible with 3-phase (6-wire 3-circuit) tracks, these powerful LED track lighting fixtures deliver energy efficiency of 110LM/W with a high lumen output from 1400LM-4000LM. They are offered to provide evenly distributed and uniform lighting with exceptionally outstanding color consistency. With DALI control system, the fixtures can ensure proper luminance levels to maintain the productivity of workers as well as creating a kind of comfortable, pleasant and positive shopping atmosphere for customers. Another outstanding benefit for such DALI light fittings lies in their advanced LED light source and die-casting aluminum thermal design that's helpful to improve heat transfer performance and improve lifespan of the light fitting.


Beyond that, we deliver multiple useful accessories that can work together with these DALI dimmable track lights for perfectly controlling light glare and increase the possibility of offering varying light levels. The innovative and effective light accessories include wall washer fittings, honey comb, snoot accessory and ovat snoot, etc. These light accessories, which are easily installed on the track light fittings, can help expand the use of light fixtures and effectively set the desired lighting moods.


The track luminaires are delivered in various beam angles which include 15°,24°,38° and 60°, along with a variety of color temperatures from 2700K to 5000K. They feature incredibly high color rendering up to 95 and offered with a long service time of more than 50,000 hours. Available in finishes of black, white and silver colors, the fixtures can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically for delivering precise lighting distributions.


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