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Xline Linear LED lighting: Present the latest retail lighting trends


The Xline linear LED lighting by Kinglumi presents the latest retail lighting trends that combine the benefits of needs of lighting, overall costs, customers' feeling as well as a perfect match with architectural structures. These innovative  linear light systems were designed by extensive efforts and consistency of our engineers who're committed to investigating and comparing existing retail track lights, understanding the needs of customers as well as making sustainable experiments to improve lights performance and user-friendliness. After their launch recently, they have drawn a great attention from customers around the world and are highly recognized for different markets.


One of awesome advantage for this linear track light fixture lies in their ability to deliver flexible light distributions.  These include Single /Double wall washer lighting with 25°x90° lens, batwing distribution for 85°x85° lens, together with Lambertian pattern lighting with 120° optics. Such innovative design not only makes fixtures to provide asymmetric lighting exactly where it's needed but also provides cost-effective lighting solutions. For Example, a 30W Xline double wall washer linear track light, which 's sized at 928mm length, is able to replace a total of 3-4 pieces 30W traditional LED track lights for emitting accent lighting for shelved commodities in supermarkets.


The Xline linear indoor led lighting is compatible with 4-wire 3-circuit tracks and able to work together with other LED track spot lights for offering integrated lighting solutions. The good compatibility and flexibility for Xline LED linear light can help customers save overall inventory and installation budgets effectively. In addition, the fixtures feature the vacuum faceted coating reflector as well as advanced extruded aluminum thermal system to ensure anti-glare and comfortable lighting, and improve the overall light service time.


Available in both black and white finishes, these  linear track light fixtures have sleek and contemporary appearance and match perfectly with architectural spaces of different environments.  Come with 30W and 55W watts models, they deliver high lumens from 3000-6000LM and do not produce any IR or UV radiation.

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