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Saturn ™ mini LED downlights: Utilize modular design for versatility



The Saturn ™ mini LED downlights are available at 5W, 8.5W and 13W with a lumen output from 500LM-1000LM. They are offered in 2700K, 3000K,3500K,4000K and 5000K CCT and have a long lifespan of up to 50,000hours. Sized at two options of 50x46x52mm and 50x46x85mm, these small recessed LED downlights come with flexible dimming capabilities including Triac, DALI, and 1-10V. The design of multiple lens with different beam angles of 24°,38°,and 60°also enable them to provide required lighting distributions effectively.


Deliver modular approach to offer light versatility

One of significant advantage for Saturn ™ MIni downlights lies in the modular design that means the individual lighting parts such as LED light source, outside frames, LED drivers as well as reflector lens are interchangeable and movable. This is helpful to optimize the useof  independent light parts and save a great amount of money in the long run. For example, you can choose a new optics with wider or smaller beam angles and install it to the existing light fixtures or replace the existing fixtures with a brighter light source, etc. The modularized option gives such fixtures high flexibility and makes it possible to build your DIY lighting in an easy manner.


Come with varieties of frame designs

In order to satisfy the needs of customers around the globe, we developed and designed a large number of different frames for these small recessed lights. Firstly, we provide both round and square frames for integrating with different interior design requirements. Then in terms of frame shapes, they are a great variety of options with different forms such as open reflector ones, wall washer accessories, slot aperture, pin hole, just to speak a few. The great flexibility of frame designs makes these both round and square led downlights the ideal solution for various commercial and residential scenarios including offices, corridors, lobbies, reception areas, stairway, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, etc.


Warm dimming option available

We offers dim-to-warm option for both 8.5W and 13W models with ability to go warmer when dimmed from 3000K at full brightness to 2000K at almost 10% brightness of maximum light output. Such new warm dimming technology gives these small diameter LED downlights warmer and cozier color temperatures under dimmed condition, making them the perfect lighting solution for residential and hospitality markets for energy efficiency and flexible control of lighting mood settings.


Other benefits

Apart from benefits above, these low profile recessed LED downlights are also given flexible dimming capabilities of DALI,Triac, and 1-10V. The brightness of fixtures is able to be adjusted freely from 100% to 10% for setting the desired lighting moods and in the meantime saving energy use substantially. For the finishes of fittings, there are a large number of choices such as white, black, silver, bruch nickel colors , In addition, our Saturn ™ selection of downlights provide a standard color rendering index of 82 and up to 90 as required for special scenarios. The free choice of 24°,38°and 60°lens endows such fixtures with flexible light patterns. 

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