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The Water-drop™ LED wall washer offering asymmetric lighting


It's believed that a successful design of commodity displays has a great impact on improving the shopping experience of customers as well as increasing business sales. One of the significant element that could improve how people feel towards the commodity displays is the proper lighting design. The good rack and shelf lighting should not only ensure proper light levels but also ensure the top items are highlighted effectively.


The water-drop series of LED wall washer lights by Kinglumi are supplied to suit the needs of high quality lighting for applications in supermarkets, shopping malls, art galleries, museums, hospitality applications and so on. They are designed to overcome the challenge of unbalanced lighting distribution on the goods or objects of rectangular applications. For example, in terms of aisle lighting for supermarkets, what's usually upsetting supermarket operators is that the lighting of aisle area is hard to project even and shadow-free lighting on goods. However, the advent of our water-drop wall washer lights can resolve the issue by emitting required asymmetric lighting to the areas where objects need to be concentrated homogeneously.


Deliver asymmetric lighting of 60°x90°

With asymmetric lighting using unique lens of 60°x90°, the water-drop wall washers can provide desired vertical lighting with asymmetric lighting distributions. This is crucial for ensuring lighting is distributed evenly and homogeneously on the goods of racks and shelves. Not only does asymmetric light can efficiently concentrate the objects of racks but also reach create a strong contrast between the highlighted areas and surroundings. In the fixtures, the anti-glare reflectors are included to generate uniform and healthy lighting, making people feel comfortable while walking through the aisles.


Both recessed and track mounted installation

For the installation, the water-drop wall washer light fixture supports both recessed and track-mounted options. The track systems that's compatible with such fixtures include 4-wire 3-circuit systems, 2-wire 1-circuit system as well as one-phase track systems. The 4-wire 3-circuit track system adaptor we use can work perfectly with varieties of global systems such as Staff, Eutrac,Nordic, Global,Nuco, Ivela. The flexible installation allows such luminaires to fit in with plenty of applications and help build positive and satisfied interior spaces.


Compact and user-friendly design

Compared to fluorescent wall washer lights, the water-drop wall washer lighting features compact and user-friendly design that requires much less mounting accessories to finish the installation. The fixtures of both recessed and track-mounted options can adjusted freely by 180 degrees for delivering the precise lighting effects within the space. In addition, the track-mounted wall washer lights support flexible rotation within 360 degrees.


Other benefits

These modern wall washer lights come with both 13W and 43W models and offer superb efficacy of 110LM/W or produce 2000-4000lumens. The Macadam 3SDCM design along with extruded aluminum housing is offered to achieve excellent heat dissipation performance. For the color temperatures, there is a flexible choice from 2700K-5000K. These led light fittings also give optimal Ra value up to 90 for high-end lighting applications.

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