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Kinglumi introduces automatic glue dispensing system to production


The automatic glue dispensing machines begin to work at Kinglumi, which's one of significant step to improve lighting equipments production efficiency and quality control. In spite of the extremely high costs of the machines, the benefits of automatic glue dispensing are apparently outweighing those of hand held or manually operated glue dispensing system.


What's automatic glue dispensing machines bringing directly is the much higher production efficiency and reduced labor costs. The computer-controlled machines are able to place glue evenly to a total of four LED lighting gears each time within seconds. This significantly improves the lighting equipments production capacity as opposed to the traditional hand held dispensing way that 's time-consuming and inefficient. For each automatic dispensing machine, one worker is enough to operate and finish the whole glue dispensing process.


In addition, the newly introduced automatic machines are proven to help improve heat dissipation performance and ensuring long service life for lighting equipments. When the glue is evenly placed in the lighting gears, the electronic components of LED lamps are given an improved heat transfer as well as being protected better from damage caused by mists and dust. Another benefit of introducing automatic glue dispensing machines is that the potential damage or harm to electronic components caused by artificial dispensing system will be reduced significantly.


The computer-controlled automatic glue dispensing equipments are used by Kinglumi to further strengthen the quality control of the lighting products for improving LED lamps stability and use efficiency. As one of leading LED lighting manufacturer around the globe, Kinglumi always puts every specific manufacturing process in an important position and commit to delivering reliable, stable and energy-efficient lighting products.