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Kinglumi\'s mobile-friendly website is now launched


We are pleased to announce the new launch of our mobile-friendly website that's created to bring a better experience to users who use mobile devices of smart phones and tablets. After efforts and hard work of almost two months by web designers, the new mobile optimized website is created with the exact same content of previous one but comes with mobile-friendly layout and page experience. The web designers also implemented some new functionalities to web pages such as adding recommended and featured products to pages.


As the majority of people begin to search information online with mobile devices, it's no doubt that it's increasingly significant to ensure a brilliant page experience for users using the mobile phones and tablets. With a mobile optimized website, the users who prefer mobile devices are able to explore the site and find the desired content easily and quickly.


On the contrary, with a desktop version of website, the users will find it very difficult and even frustrating to read smoothly.  For a site that's not mobile-friendly, you have to pinch and zoom on site for viewing the pages normally, which's really time-consuming and unhappy page view experience.