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Kinglumi launches Xline ™ modern linear light fixtures



We are pleased to announce our new Xline™ modern linear light fixtures are officially launched for offering high quality architectural lighting for offices, schools, meeting rooms, supermarkets, libraries and more. Comprised of same optical system, the new pendant/surface mounted LED linear fixture is developed based on the design of Xline™ LED linear track lighting but comes with different sizes and installations.  


Multiple options of length and lumen output

For this new commercial linear lighting, we offer a total of four types of lighting solutions that features a length of 600mm, 1000mm, 1350mm and 2000mm. The luminaires use original Samsung LEDs and have a high energy efficacy of 100+LM/W, generating high power illumination within spacious areas. The total of lumen output can reach 3000-5600LM for 600mm length option, 4500-8500LM for 1000mm, 5600-11200LM for 1350mm and 8500-17000LM for 2000mm. It's clear that such multiple options on luminaire length and lumen output makes it easy to design innovative and customizable linear lighting solutions.

UP & Down linear lighting(Optional)

One of unique design for this linear LED fixture lies in its up & down lighting design that ensures 50% light levels emitted upwards and 50% downwards. The up & down lighting is able to illuminate the ceilings properly and particularly welcomed for architectural applications that opt for a bright and clean ceiling. However, if you want your space to be illuminated brightly below the luminares, you are able to choose the version of our linear pendant fixtures with all lumen output downwards.


Unique and versatile lighting distributions

What's especially outstanding for Xline™ linear fixture is the uniquely designed optics system that adopts three different beam angles for bringing optical lighting based on the specific architectural lighting applications. These beam angles include 25°x90°for single wall washer lighting, 85°x85°for double washer aisle lighting as well as 120°for general lighting scenarios.  Of course, you are able to opt for a mixture of different beam angles for creating unique and desired lighting distributions.


Both pendant and linear installations.

With both pendant and surface installations offered, the lighting designers are given a high flexibility on lighting placement and innovation. For linear led pendant light, it is easy and convenient to be installed without damaging the existing architectural structures. The hanging light fixtures can be suspended at different heights according to the specific installation needs. As with the surface recessed linear led lighting, the luminaire is able to be recessed into the ceilings for creating clean and continuous lines.

Other brilliant performances

Apart from the benefits above, some other brilliant performances for such linear pendant/ surface lighting includes availability of DALI,0-10V, and ON-OFF dimming options, a high Ra value of 82 or 90, flexible color temperature change from 2700K-5000K. In addition, it's created by extrusion aluminum housing that's significant to make sure an excellent heat dissipation performance and long service life. In terms of safety and durability, the Xline linear lights have been successfully tested by institutes of CE, ROHS, SAA,ETL for confirming to the safety standards of countries and regions around the world.



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