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What\'s the benefits of tunable white LED lighting?



As a new advanced LED technology, the tunable white LED lighting allows for a flexible change of both lighting color temperatures and intensity. For tunable white LED lighting fixtures, the CCT or color temperature is able to be tuned from warm white to cool white tone and the brightness can be dimmed freely. This new technology has been increasingly delivered to different types of lighting scenarios for retail, health, education, office, hospitality, etc. In comparison with the standard light fixtures, the tunable white luminaires come with some outstanding benefits to bring comfortable and interactive lighting solutions.


Create human-centric lighting

Easily and flexibly tuned in terms of color temperatures and light levels, the tunable white LED source is able to build desirable lighting that serves the needs of emotional feelings. With ability to mimic the natural lighting with different color temperatures during different periods of the day, it emits cool tones during the daytime and produces warmer tones when people need to relax or sleep. Meanwhile, as the brightness and intensity of luminaires are easily adjusted, it's helpful to reduce eyestrain and discomfort by setting the lighting exactly as what's required to satisfy the health needs.  

Add visually pleasing value

For the retail scenarios, the lighting designers seek to create a kind of exciting and engaging lighting atmosphere to attract the attention of shoppers. With tunable white LED, it is easy to create the exact lighting moods that's desired by lighting designers. With color temperatures and light levels variable, it's more practical and efficient to match the lighting well with the existing architectural spaces for enhancing the vision of entire space. Furthermore, the lighting designers are given more opportunities to concentrate the aspects of the displayed merchandises that need to be emphasized. 


Versatile control options

The control options for tunable light is flexible, which could include wireless app control on your mobile devices, remote controller control or traditional wiring control, etc. For example, for app-enabled wireless smart control, you are capable of adjusting the color temperatures and light brightness accordingly on your mobile phones even when you are away on vacation.


Suitable for numerous applications

Although the tunable white led lights are developed recently and still new to people, they have been spread out quickly and tend to be in the mainstream soon. Capable of delivering energy-efficient and engaging lighting, this new technology is suited to perform well for numerous lighting situations such as residential areas, offices, classrooms, commercial offices, retail stores, museums, hotels, hospitals and more.


Currently, we utilized tunable white LED technology to a part of our led lighting fixtures which include our hot selling Water-drop led track lights, new Evolite led downlights and Xline linear downlights. All of these tunable white lights are able to be controlled remotely via app, voice control, wifi and so on.


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