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Kinglumi takes the lead of innovative lighting at the GILE 2018


As one of the most influential lighting shows in Asia, the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2018 is now underway and will last until 12th in June. Kinglumi, as is often the case, attends this great lighting event with an array of state-of-the-art innovative lighting and pioneering LED technologies exhibited at the fair. The unique, innovative and competitive LED lights on display attracts lots of attendees to our stand for unlocking business opportunities.  


Offer cutting-edge commercial lighting solutions

For the GILE 2018 fair, we showcase several modern and innovative commercial light fittings that take the lead of lighting innovation. They include our new Xline™  track lighting, Xline ™ commercial pendant lighting, Xline™  linear downlight, Water-drop™ app-controlled LED track lights as well as Smarter™ range of pendant track lights.


a. Xline™ Linear track lighting

Supplied with both 30W and 55W models temporarily, the Xline™ linear track lighting is unique and extraordinary for its pioneering light distribution covering Single /Double wall washer lighting of 25°x90°, 85°x85° Batwing pattern and general lighting pattern of 120°. The versability and innovation of such light pattern design ensure the light fixtures are able to be chosen accordingly to provide the specific and ideal lighting for plenty of lighting scenarios. With a size of 928mmx48mmx57mm, the Xline™ linear track fixtures operate using 4-wire 3 circuit track system and include embedded track adaptor.


b. Xline™ linear pendant

Although the linear pendant lights are commonly exhibited at the fair this year, the optical design of most of luminaires on display is very simple and traditional. For example, it's not uncommon to see that many linear suspended lights are just designed with PC cover above the LED source. Compared to other similar suspended led linear lighting at the exhibition, our Xline™ pendant linear light fittings feature unique and advanced optical system, which include our own patented anti-glare diffusers and louvers.


In addition, these also adopts the cutting-edge light distribution with versatile wide beam lens of 25°x90°, 85°x85° and 120° for meeting the demands of specific lighting application. The Xline ™ linear pendant lights come with a length from 600mm-2000mm with the lumen output ranging from 4500LM-17000lm. It also support flexible and user-friendly connection between two fixtures to maximize the product use efficiency.


c. Xline™ app-controlled linear recessed downlights

Apart from both track and pendant installations, the Xline™  recessed linear downlight is also available, which is important to create customizable and distinctive ceiling lighting. For such linear downlight, they are able to be controlled through the app on your smart phones for tuning both light intensity and color temperatures from 2700K-4500K.


d. Water-drop™ smart commercial track lighting

For our water-drop™  track lighting, there are two aspects that're particularly unique and attractive in the lighting market. One the one hand, it is 100% DALI tested track luminaires with the Global GAC69 track adaptor. On the other hand, these fixtures are also wireless track lights that can be managed using the app on mobile devices, leading the trend of smart commercial lighting. Availble from 15W to 40W, the water-drop™ LED track lights are created with our patented CAMETA lens that's efficient to generate anti-glare and healthy modern commercial lighting environments.


e. Smarter™ pendant lighting

One of the distinguished and exceptional design for Smarter™ range of hanging pendant lights is reflected in its modular and exchangeable light design. The optical systems, along with light accessories, are independant and removable, which's fundamental to create adaptive lighting and save replacement costs. In addition to pendant option, the Smarter range of track lights allow for ceiling and track mounted as well.


Tapping into domestic facade and landscape lighting markets

This year's Guangzhou lighting fair is a great platform for us to exhibit our newly designed facade and landscape lighting products that's developed for the domestic markets in China. As usual, all of these facade and landscape lights are designed uniquely on our own with many design patents achieved. From LED sources, which is Cree LEDs, to external light accessories, we use high-end materials and adopt advanced and strict manufacturing process for ensuring excellent stability and quality.


The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2018 provides us a great opportunity to showcase the state-of-the-art lighting technologies and gives us a chance to meet with both new and existing customers face to face.  Our sales professionals, who are passionate, positive and enthusiastic, are always standing in customers' shoes to deliver appropriate and cost-effective lighting solutions. As the lighting show is still running, we warmly welcome you to visit our stand of Hall5.1 A18 for communicating with our sales professionals about your lighting demands.



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