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Create smart scene grouping lighting for a better shopping experience


For the retail lighting, it is not limited to satisfying the basic needs of general lighting but increasingly created to put focus on the customers' emotional feelings and shopping experience. Ranging from accentuating a specific key merchandises in the store to bringing desired lighting moods, the retail lighting needs to be supplied dynamically and flexibly to bring a better shopping experience. The Internet of Things technology, which's already introduced to a great variety of industries for contributing to a more comfortable and convenient life style, is also increasingly applied to the lighting industries.

Creating and grouping various lighting scenes is a smart light control way that can be done through the app and feature many common attributes of Internet of Things technology such as wireless control, cloud memory, interactive use experience, etc. When this advanced technology is incorporated into the light fixtures, you are able to organize the luninaires into different groups and edit them independently and intelligently on your mobile devices for achieving diversified smart retail lighting within the same space.



What's especially attractive of scene grouping control is that the specifications and parameters of lighting are able to be set and programmed simultaneously when lights are grouped independently. For some retail applications that require various lighting effects for different sections, the lights featuring the smart scene grouping can easily meet the demands and allow you to recall the exactly same lighting moods next time only with a press button operation through the app.  

The Water-drop™ architectural track lighting systems by Kinglumi support the lighting scenes functionality and can be organized into different groups for being edited individually. They come with smart wireless light control on your smart phones. The app, which supports both android and IoS systems, enables you to manage and control the lighting very conveniently, which include turns on/off the lights remotely, adjusting the light intensity from 100% -0% as well as tuning the color temperatures.

As the tunable white LEDs are used for such line voltage track lighting, the color temperature is able to be tuned from 2700K-6500K. The tunable white lights are effective to generate the most appropriate and stylish lighting that's crucial for showcasing the commodities at their best forms and colors as well as driving foot traffic to the retail stores as much as possible. 

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