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Top 6 benefits of LED lighting-Kinglumi Lighting


As an advanced lighting technology, LED lighting is more and more popular nowadays due to its superior and extraordinary benefits compared to traditional lamps such as halogen, fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures. The replacement of traditional luminaires with LED lights becomes a big trend around the world for both retrofit and new lighting projects. In a world where countries and governments around the world are increasingly aware of the environmental issues, the eco-friendly LED lighting solutions will be paid a higher attention to contribute to a clean and recycling world. These are some benefits of LED lighting that show why LED lighting should be prioritized for lighting projects.

1. Highly energy-efficient, saving up to 90% power

The benefit of energy efficiency for LED light is publicly known and it can help save power consumption up to 90% compared to the conventional lights such as incandescent and halogen lights. Therefore, the total amount of saved energy for LED lighting is huge over long-term periods of time, which's crucial for cutting down electrical bills and saving money to a large extent. Meanwhile, the LED light fixture is proven to convert almost  90 percent power into lighting and only 10 percent energy is wasted to heat. However, for traditional lamps, there is nearly 90% energy turned into heat and 10% converted into light.  With much less heat emitted, the LED light is helpful to generate healthy and comfortable lighting as well as ensuring safe, eco-friendly and crisp lighting atmosphere.

2. Much longer service life

It's believed the quality LED lights can last 40,000-50,000 hours or even much longer which depends on the specific design and quality of LED lamps. Comparably, the service life for traditional lights is much shorter, only nearly 750-1000hours for incandescent bulbs, 1000-2000hours for halogen lamps and 7,000-15,000 hours for fluorescent lamps. With a much longer service life, LED lights can reduce the costs of lighting replacements and maintenance dramatically.

3. Improved safety and durability

As LED lighting generate less heat, the use of led light fixtures can help reduce the risk of burn and fire accidents. When LED fixtures work with less heat emitted, it helps improve the stability and durability of light fixtures. On the contrary, in terms of conventional lights, the risk of light fails and accidents can increase potentially because of their comparably limited capacity of heat transfer and high temperature of fixture body, particularly under severe and harsh environments.

4. Environmentally-friendly

Containing no toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, the LED light fittings are eco-friendly and recyclable equipments that help reduce the danger to the environment. But for some traditional lights such as fluorescent bulbs and HID fixtures, they pose a threat to the environment protection as the noxious elements they contain such as mercury and arsenic are very challenging to be disposed of. Furthermore, the traditional lights , which come with a much shorter lifespan than LED lighting, will lead to much more landfill waste.

5. Flexible color options

The flexibility of color options for LED lamp, which includes warm, natural and white or other colors, can deliver versatile and personalized lighting solutions depending on the individual demands. Some advanced LED technologies also make it possible to tune the color temperatures intelligently , say from 2000K-6500K for achieving the extraordinary lighting results.

6. Advanced dimming capability

The LED luminaires have a more advanced dimming control ability in comparison with the traditional lights and can be dimmed from 100% to 0%. Unlike the traditional lamps that's dimmed intermittently, the LED lights are advantageous for a continuous and smooth dimming performance. Besides, for the white tunable LED lights, not only is the brightness adjusted freely the color temperatures are also able to be adapted flexibly on the mobile devices.

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