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Kinglumi to launch LEDGEAR ™ independent constant current LED drivers


The new line of LEADGEAR ™ LED drivers, which adopt independent constant current design and come with application-oriented operating window for maximum compatibility, are officially launched with a large number of output power and size models. The range of LEDGEAR™ constant current led drivers are supplied with both Non-dimmable and Triac/phase-cut dimmable options, featuring output power ranging from 3W to 43W,  output voltage of 24-42V, 30-42V as well as other options within 8-52V. The strain-relief and loop-through style for these LED drivers, along with screw free design, leads to a quick and simplified wiring and installation.



For LEDGEAR ™ new LED drivers, there is a DC connector offered with a 550px long cable and female plug-in terminal. Reliable with high quality and long lifespan of 50,000hours , these IP44 LED power drivers are in line with high standards of industry such as Class II,SELV,EN61347, ROHS, CE,CB,EL,C-TICK,SAA and so on. They are also compatible with trailing/ leading edge dimmers(10%-100%) for achieving efficient control of light intensity for light luminaires.


Compared to the built-in drivers, the LEDGEAR ™ independent LED drivers come without external junction box and can be installed separately out of luminiares. To ensure the stability and durability of LED driver power supply, we implement smart and automatic detection for output current and thermal systems, which's efficient to improve safety and stability of light fixtures. In addition, there are several other advanced protection mechanisms utilized to improve the safe work condition of LED drivers, which include over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, overload, short-circuit as well as no open circuit protection design.


These new range of LEDGEAR ™ high power led drivers are created using cable-clamp channel for long strain-relief(30x45x26/29mm), which leaves enough space for the input cables. In terms of AC input cable, we keep the diameter of permissible cable jacket at 3.5mm-12mm which is more flexible and spacious than only 6mm standard offered by other brands. For the AC connector, the LEDGEAR™ led drivers are supplied with 2 hole push-wire connectors(L,L,N,N) that's essential for quick installation.


 Product Description

• Independent IP44 LED driver with strain-relief and loop-through design

• Constant current output

• Created with output power from 5W or 43 W

• 22CM DC Connector cable with female plug-in terminal

• Reliable with high quality, complying with the standards of Class II, SELV according EN 61347

• Suitable for emergency lighting with DC input

• Experience 650°C grow wire test

• Compatible with trailing or leading edge dimmers(~100%-10%)

• Appropriate for luminaires of protection class I, class II, class III

• Used in either independent or built-in style(has 2 fixations)

•  Casing: polycarbonate, white color, UL 94 V0, 120°C

• 50,000 hrs nominal lifespan

• 5 years warranty



• Application-oriented operating window for maximum compatibility

• No tools required for installation

• Strain-relief and loop through design for quick installation.

• Through wiring with 4-hole press-in type terminal(L, L, N, N); Max. 8A.

• Permissible AC cable 0.5-2.5mm2 wire gauge, 3.5~12mm PVC jacket diameter

• High reliability with a life span of over 50,000 hrs