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Offer custom led lights to the unique lighting needs


LED lights emerge as an innovative and energy-efficient lighting solution that's increasingly replacing traditional light sources such as halogen lamps, incandescent and fluorescent lamps, etc. They exist in every corner of our lives and bring a wonderful lighting experience and save electrical bills for  us in applications of education, hospitality, retailing, health, home, just to speak a few.


For the selection of LED lighting, it's crucial to find the most appropriate light fixtures that's particularly suiting the needs of your specific projects and maximize the benefits of energy efficiency, creating added value, light comfort and health, etc. Despite the huge selection of led lights that's available in the market for satisfying common lighting needs, there are still many occasions where some custom led lights are in need for satisfying the unique lighting needs.


As one of leading china lighting manufacturers known for lighting innovation, Kinglumi has a strong R&D team that's skillful in developing the cutting-edge and innovative LED lighting ranging from components to external housing. To help our customers achieve their unique lighting ideas and concepts, we offer ODM service for designing and producing customized LED lights that's catering to the unique requirements.


No matter for changing the mechanical engineering of fixtures for the some harsh environments or redesigning the kits accessories and housing for a better outlook, we are able to help customers create some competitive and unique led lights that's distinguishable in the markets. With a strong engineering team comprising more than 35 engineers who are adept at optical design, thermal design, led driver, electrical solution , industrial design, software development, we deliver a comprehensive custom led lighting solutions that suit the requirements of optics, thermal and optical systems, housing engineering, finish colors, led power supply, light control solution and so on.


For making satisfactory and high-quality custom led lights, we introduce a professional and extensive ODM process which include customer requirements document, market research analysis, negotiation process, open mould and customization, sample and testing, customer approval, mass production, quality inspection, delivery, after-sale support. The products we design and manufacture use the top-rank high-quality components and are tested stringently to guarantee the highest performance. 

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