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Frequently asked questions about LEDGEAR™ LED power supply



1.What are the C1, C2 and C3 standing for?

They stand for 3 different housing shapes:

C1: 92*45*26; C2: 119*45*29; C3: 110*76*30


2.What is the IP rating of LEDGEAR™ LED power supply?

The C1 and C2 shape designs are IP44 rated (not including terminals and the case with silicone-based potting )while all other types of drivers are IP20 rated.


3.Can I switch my LED modules on the primary side of power supply?

The C1 and C2 LED triac, or on/off driver don't support this but the C3( One4all) driver has the DIP switches located at primary-side for adjusting the output current.


4.Do I need a junction box for the power supply connection?

NO. you don't.   LEDGEAR types of constant current led power supply drivers are created with long strain relief, making it easy for wiring and connection.


5.Can I wire through(loop in /out) the drivers?

The C1 and C2 types of drivers include L, L, N, N terminals for loop in and loop out with Max. 8A current.


6.Do these drivers be able to work with emergency lighting?

Yes, LEDGEAR™ range of drivers for led lights are suitable for emergency escape lighting systems acc. to EN 50172.


7.What’s the PFC value and are these drivers designed with active PFC function?

Kinglumi’s CE RoHS LED drivers are designed with built-in active PFC capability, complying with EN61000-3-2 class C. as well as the ErP regulations(EU 1192/874) on the PF value.


8.What is the maximum cable length between LED Driver and LED module?

The maximum cable length between LED Driver and LED module is 2 m.

The cable over 2m still can work but it is not suggested for the purpose of safety and lifespan of led drivers.


9.What kinds of certificates do these led driers have?

The relevant standards are listed in the relevant data sheets. Generally these are:

 LVD(Safety): EN61347-1:2015 EN61347-2-13:2014

EMC: EN 55015:2013+A1:2015; EN61000-3-2:2014; EN61000-3-3:2013; EN61547:2009

ROHS: EN62321: 2012 EN14372:2004 EPA:3540:1996

SAA: AS/NZS IEC 61347.2.13:2013 ; AS/NZS IEC 61347.1:2016


10.Do LEDGEAR™ led power supply include safety protection mechanisms?

Yes, the LEDGEAR™ electronic power supply for led lights are produced for high-end applications  and comply with the standards of Class II and SELV output current. They are equipped with the safety protection mechanisms such as over-current protection, Short-circuit protection, over -voltage protection, over temperature protection, Overload protection, No-load protection ,etc.


11.What’s the standard packaging for LEDGEAR™ led drivers ?

The LEDGEAR™ led controllers are packed into a egg crate tray for saving the time of un-packaging.


12.Can I customize my own brands and models number instead of using LEDGEAR™?

Sure, the brand, module number can be customized according to the customers' requests if  the following conditions and terms are satisfied:  1) Ordering MOQ: there are different MOQ requests based on different power/shape models; 2) Cert. Co-listing Issue: as the drivers are tested and certified with LEDGEAR brand and Kinglumi’s own descriptions, a certification co-listing is a MUST in case of import inspection.


13.What is the Smart thermal & current control?

The Smart thermal & current control is applied to avoid fire accident in the case of fault conditions. The output current of drivers will be decreased automatically in the case of high temperature abnormality and restored to the normal levels after temperature returns to normal.  


14.What's the dimming compatibility and is there a dimmer compatibility list for LEDGEAR dimmable led power supply ?

The triac and 1-10V dimming range is from 100% to 10% while DALI type of drivers are dimmed from 100% to 0%. There is a dimmer compatibility list with exact module number for our dimmable led power supply products, for which please consult with our sales professionals.


15.What is LEDGEAR™ One4all power supply?

The LEDGEAR one4all power supply has combining functions: DALI II, 1-10V, PWM, PUSH, CDS, PIR with the output current adjustable with DIP switches. For more details please check the specification.


16.Are you a DALI member, or do you have brand issues relating to DALI logo?

As one of professional led driver manufacturers in china, Kinlgumi is a DALI member and has the right to use DALI logo. Additionally, our DALI products are tested by DALI house. You can see more details on the DALI official website: https://www.digitalilluminationinterface.org/membership/member-companies.html


17.What DALI LED Driver Configurator Softwares can I use for the LEDGEAR one4all drivers?

Kinglumi one4all drivers are tested and have passed the DALI test relating to housing standards. We kindly recommend you use the Tridonic ones.


18.What's the maximum number of led modules that can be connected to the LEDGEAR drivers simultaneously ?

The LEDGEAR™ Triac and ON/OFF versions can connect Max. 8A for the looping while the one4all version can be connected only supporting 4A.

19.What's the specific dimming range for LEDGEAR™ types of dimmable drivers?

LEDGEAR™ Triac dim: range of dimming 100%-10 %, some dimmers can be dimmed to 0%.

LEDGEAR™ 1-10V dim: range of dimming 100%-10 %

LEDGEAR™ DALI: range of dimming 100%-0 %


20.How do I find a suitable LED Driver for my LED module/downlight/Panel light?

Several parameters have to be checked to ensure the led drivers work well with light fixtures . At least, you need to check the design-in guides of LED-modules to see what’s the forward voltage and Max. input current; then find the same forward voltage of LEDGEAR, and pick up the current that not exceed the Max. input current. Or, you can also consult with our sales professionals about the details. 

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