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What\'s the color rendering index and why is it important for lighting?


The color rendering index, also called CRI, is used to measure the ability of a light source in rendering the color of illuminated objects in contrast with the natural light source or say daylight. Measured on a scale from 0 to 100, the color rendering index of higher number represents a higher color rendering ability. Generally speaking, the CRI within 0-55 range is poor, 60-85 good and 90-100 excellent.


It's important to note that the color rendering index is different from color temperatures(CCT). The former, as mentioned above, represents how well a light source is able to reveal the color of objects to our vision compared to the referenced light like natural daylight while the color temperature(CCT) ,which is measured at Kelvin scale or K, is used to describe the light appearance such as warm light((2700K – 3000K), Cool White (3500K – 4100K), and Daylight (5000K – 6500K).


When it comes to the importance of color rendering index for the light fixtures, generally speaking, it is necessary to choose the lighting fixtures with a high CRI, say more than 80, to ensure crisp and bright lighting. But for some specific lighting applications where the illuminated objects need to appear natural and faithful under the lighting as much as possible, such as artwork display lighting, photography & cinematography lighting and high-end retail lighting, there is much higher demands on the color rendering index ability, which usually needs to be over cri 90 .


The high cri light not only makes the objects within the space look the best but also create clean, dynamic and crisp surroundings that help build satisfactory and enjoyable lighting environment. Let's take the example of lighting for grocery stores where high cri led lights are able to show the food and vegetables vividly and clearly, helping stimulating the appetite of shoppers.


Built as a professional China LED lights manufacturer, Kinglumi develops and manufactures a broad selection of high cri LED lights that come with color rendering index of more than 82 and some types of LED lights are made with extremely excellent color rendering index of up to 98, such as our commercial Delight series of high cri track lights that's created with a standard high cri 90 led. 


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