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The Delight™ types of high CRI 90-98 LED track lights


The Delight™ types of LED track lights are one of best selling light fixtures at Kinglumi with different power models from 8W-40W and lumen output ranging from 550LM-3500LM. What's particularly unique of such track light systems lies in their exceptionally high color rendering of 90-98, making them the ideal lighting solutions for high-end retail and grocery applications for generating high quality general and accent lighting. In terms of beam angles, there are several different options including 10°,24°,38° and 60°, which can suit the versatile lighting demands.


Kinglumi's Delight™ series of high CRI 90 track lights are compatible with a large number of track systems such as 4-wire and 3-circuit system, 2-wire 1-circuit system as well as 1-phase system. The 4-wire and 3-circuit track adaptor we provide can work well with a string of light systems including Staff, Eutrac,Nordic,Global,Nuco and Lvela systems.


To deliver energy-efficient lighting solution and variable lighting moods, the 10-100% Triac dimming solution is available for the Delight types of track lights. The wide range of color temperatures from 2700K-5000K allows you to create the desired lighting atmospheres that's in line with the specific architectural styles.  


Presently, the Delight™ range of track lights have the certificates of CE, ROHS,ETL,FCC and can easily replace traditional lamps for plenty of applications of home, retail, art gallery, museum, automotive and parking, education, government, hospitality and offices, etc.


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