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Tips on building the contemporary conference room lighting



The conference room is where some important business decisions are made or information is gathered and shared, so the conference lighting should be built carefully to ensure the good light visibility and comfort. The modern conference room lighting not only needs to be reliable on quality but also should give people a sense of positivity, passion and safety.


The proper light level matters

It's important to set the right and proper light intensity for the conference room light fixtures because the lighting that's too dim or too bright can lead to bad visibility, cause the eyestrain and headaches as well as making people feel frustrated. it's recommended to keep the light intensity at 500 lux more or less according to the NBN-EN 12464-1 Standard.  To learn more about how to set the proper light intensity for your specific projects, you are welcome to contact us for getting a free lighting solution.


High-quality LED Lighting solution is a must

In comparison with the conventional light fixtures, the LED conference room lighting is more suitable due to the benefits of high energy efficiency, longer service life as well as emitting much less heat. But what's more important for meeting room lighting is to select the high-quality LED light fixtures that come with higher reliability and safety as well as improved light health and comfort.  For placing the lighting on the meeting table evenly, the color consistency of lighting is also significant to ensure a better light experience.


Create the unique light styles

A conference room with the unique lighting styles is able to make people feel satisfactory and even happy when they attend the meetings. To create the harmony of interior room spaces, it is necessary to match the lighting with the conference style elements such as meeting tables, ceiling design, wall, floor, etc. Some light fixtures that usually appear at the meeting room lighting include LED panel lights, LED linear light systems, small down lights as well as some other kinds of customizable lighting kits. In recent years, the LED linear pendant lights are particularly popular to be used in conference rooms for creating unique, creative and clean lighting scenarios.


Offer flexible light control

The flexible light control, for which we take lighting dimming capability and wireless smart light control as an example, can bring additional value to the lighting. The dimmable lights undoubtedly can allow you to adjust the light intensity freely according to the concrete demands. The wireless smart light control, if utilized in your conference rooms, can keep the lighting operation costs to the minimum level due to smart light management through the app.


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