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why should we use the anti-glare lights?


The anti-glare lights are increasingly important for the modern lighting applications as the modern lighting exists not only for serving the needs of basic illumination but most importantly serve the people and their demands.


For the light fixtures, the glare is caused when the bright and concentrated light is placed along a fixed direction. The sources of glare can come from the light sources themselves as well as some reflected objects within the space such as some shinny surfaces like glass, tables, computers ,etc. The lighting glare could compromise the lighting results and jeopardize the health of people. With the poor lighting that produces excessive glare, it easily causes some visual problems and leads to some health issues both physically and mentally such as eyestrain, headaches, frustrated feelings.


To reduce the glare of lights, there are several solutions that are recommended to build comfortable and healthy lighting. Firstly, if the light fixtures you choose are able to be adjusted freely, it is accessible to reduce the glare by readjusting the light fixtures to a position where the glare is controlled to the lowest level. The second solution to the reduction of lighting glare is to diffuse the light which can be achieved by designing the anti-glare lenses and reflectors for distributing the lighting evenly and smoothly. The last not the least, the position of lights also plays an important role in affecting the lighting glare, so it is crucial that the lumianires should be placed ideally where reflected light from some shinny and smooth surfaces is not easily generated.


In order to optimize the lighting comfort and health, Kinglumi, as an innovative lighting supplier in Shenzhen, China, delivers a string of best non glare lights that's equipped with patented reflectors and lenses for minimizing the negative effects of glare. Among such glare resistant lighting products include our Annulight™ types of UGR<19 low glare high bay lights and the advanced APOLLO range of UGR<16 anti-glare panel lights that provide exceptionally comfortable and smooth lighting.


These no glare led light fittings, which are suited to be used for both commercial and residential areas, are able to bring improved productivity and satisfaction by producing high quality lighting. No matter they are applied in your houses or offices, the non-glare lights put the focus on the emotional needs of people and help create human-centric environments for work and living. 

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