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How to choose the proper LED light manufacturers from China?


Described as the world's factory, China is a leading producer and exporter of LED light products around the globe. Presently, there are presumably thousands of professional LED manufacturers in China that produces and sells LED light fixtures. With that being said, it still takes lots of time and money on sourcing the right and proper LED lighting manufacturer from China. To find the proper and reliable LED light manufacturers , we can follow these tips that's perhaps helpful to do you a favor.


1. Where to find the LED light suppliers in China online?

Firstly, it is important to know some basic techniques involving where to find the led light suppliers in China. In a digital world, there are so many platforms and tools that can help you find the targeted led manufacturers online. These could include the search engines (google, yahoo, bing,etc) , social media sites( facebook, linkedin, youtube. twitter, google plus,etc) as well as some B2B websites ( Alibaba, Made-in-China and so on) and industry professional blog websites(Lux review, LED magazine, LED inside, etc).


2. Compare the comprehensive capabilities of Lighting companies

Before we begin to contact the lighting manufacturers for getting a quote or negotiating for cooperation, it is crucial to understand the comprehensive capabilities of the companies firstly and make a comparison of lists of lighting companies at hand. At this point, we can firstly gain a further insight into the companies from the perspectives of history development, workshop overview, staff number, factory size, lights innovation, patents and certificates, sales revenue, R &D capability, quality control and testing process, etc.  


3. Lights Quality is the top priority

There is no doubt that the lights quality must be a top priority as it not only affects the lighting lifespan and maintenance costs but also relates to the safety and health of people. Unfortunately, there are still lots of customers who focus on price over quality and end up ruining their own business and brand. When the price is reduced beyond what manufacturers can stand for, they have no choice but to compromise on quality by using low-quality materials or shortening the manufacturing processes.


4. If possible, please visit the lighting factory

To select a satisfactory and reliable china led lights manufacturer for long-term business cooperation, it is necessary to visit the lighting factories and understand the manufacturing processes and quality control procedures face to face. At least, you will feel assured and safe after visiting the factories by yourself. Another benefit by visiting the lighting factories is that you can find the real lighting manufacturers instead of some lighting trading companies that flourish in the market. What's more, you can test the lighting parameters at factories such as color temperatures, color rendering index, actual lumen output ,etc.


5.R &D capability is crucial for offering unique LED lights

In a increasingly competitive lighting market, it is helpful to improve your business further with some unique and innovative LED lights products. For led lighting companies, their research and development ability is essential for delivering distinguished and sustainable LED light fixtures that can set them and their business partners apart from competitors in the market. In addition, a lighting manufacturer with a strong R&D team is able to offer you some custom lighting solutions for suiting the demands of specific lighting projects.


6. Technical and after-sale services matter

If you do not have your own lighting planning design team, it is a good idea to consult with the lighting manufacturers. Therefore, the technical support such as lighting planning design and offering products technical files, is important and should be provided effectively and timely. The after-sale service, undoubtedly speaking, is particularly significant and high efficiency after-sale service can ensure you form a long-term and win-win business relations with your customers.  


Kinglumi, as a Shenzhen based LED lighting manufacturer in China, stands out in the market since founded in 2005 for delivering the cutting-edge and innovative LED lights products for clients around the globe. With a strong R&D team including more than 35 engineers, we are able to offer competitive OEM/ODM custom LED lighting solutions. 

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