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How to choose led down lights for homes?


LED down lights are increasingly popular for the homes due to a decreased price as well as their versatile benefits of energy efficiency, high flexibility on use, long lifespan ,etc. Although there are a myriad of LED downlights manufacturers in the market, the design and quality can vary a lot for different downlights products. Therefore, it is necessary to know some tips and suggestions on how to get the best LED down lights for your homes.   


Choose the proper LED downlights for different rooms

The lighting demands for different home rooms may remain different from the perspective of light intensity, IP protection, housing design, color temperature ,etc. It is important to note that the downlights  lighting styles may also need to be managed accordingly for different home spaces such as living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom ,etc. To ensure every corner of your homes is designed with the perfect lighting solutions, it is a good idea to consult with professional lighting companies for getting a proper residential lighting solutions.


Use experience matters

When it comes to use experience of home lighting, we can compare the light fixtures from the aspects of installation convenience, replacement costs and compatibility function and so on. For example, the easy-to-install home downlights not only save time on labor costs but also lead to an improved satisfaction. If the LED downlights lamps also come with a high user friendliness in terms of replacement and maintenance, the lighting operation costs will be further reduced in the long run. In light of this, we recommend the modular LED down lights for homes that consist of exchangeable and removable light components and accessories for a better recycling use of light fixtures.


Energy efficacy is a top priority

With an increasing awareness of environment protection around the globe, people put a higher priority on the energy efficiency in the life. Although LED down lights save much more energy compared to other types of conventional lamps, there is still an apparent difference on energy efficacy for different led downlights manufacturers. The down light fixture with a higher luminous efficacy is able to save more power consumption. But considering there are lots of lighting manufacturers that exaggerate the lighting efficacy value of the products, we should test the fixtures firstly or ask suppliers to offer lighting test reports.


Smart home lighting gets more attention

No matter you begin to use the smart lighting for homes or not, the smart home lighting is drawing more and more attention nowadays. With the wireless smart light control, you are able to manage the lighting in the palm of your hand regardless of where you stay. After installing the app to your mobile devices, It's also easy and convenient to set diverse lighting moods and scenarios by tuning the color temperatures and light brightness. 

Lighting quality and safety can't be neglected  

It is important to emphasize the lighting quality and safety for homes as the low quality light fixtures not only pose a severe safety and health threat to people but also end up costing you more money in the long run for replacement and maintenance. Generally speaking, before you buy a led downlight kits  for your homes, you need to confirm whether the light fixtures conform with the corresponding lighting safety standards in your country such as CE, ROHS, C-tick, ETL, FCC ,etc.


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