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High efficacy light is crucial but precise distribution matters more


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With an increased awareness of reducing carbon emissions for environment protection, the governments around the world gradually begin to replace traditional light fixtures with the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting that help build a clean and green environment. In contrast to traditional lamps, energy saving LED lamps comes with a much higher energy efficiency, so it helps save lots of energy consumption by installing fixtures in your spaces. Generally speaking, the high efficacy lighting is more popular among the customers for generating bright and sufficient light level while consuming less energy electricity.  


Due to the importance of energy efficiency, it becomes common that many lighting manufacturers exaggerate the efficacy rating of their light fittings to favor the customers. But the continuity of such behavior remains dangerous and terrible as it could lead to dim and poor lighting if the lights efficacy rating is overstated. Actually speaking, the actual efficacy rating of LED fixtures depends on many factors such as lighting design, manufacturing processes, lighting materials, just speak a few.


From the very beginning, Kinglumi puts the focus on designing and developing the high efficient LED lights with high-output attribute. For example, we are the first lighting company in China to exhibit the high-output PAR30 led spotlights at the Frankfurt lighting and fair exhibition, which attracted media coverage and caused a big stir at the fair. Since established in 2005, we have developed a great variety of high efficacy led lamps that feature exceptionally high energy efficiency such as our APOLLO COB panel light(up to 130LM/W)Annulight  commercial high bay lights (up to 140LM/W), Smarter track light fittings (up to 120LM/w and so on.

 high efficiency cob panel light.jpg

For efficacy of all of our led lights, the efficacy rating is marked according to the actual testing results under strict conditions. To ensure the actual lumen output as what's stated, we do the luminous efficacy testing each time after the goods are manufactured. In addition, we are able to provide the IES report that reveals the exact energy efficiency performance of the light fixtures if the customers require it.


In terms of energy efficiency, what particularly distinguishes our LED lights is their ability to deliver precise lighting distribution. At this point, Kinglumi moves ahead of competitors to develop many patented and advanced reflector and lenses that's able to emit high-quality and high output lighting precisely as required. The precise lighting distribution plays an more important role in saving the energy by using the lighting effectively and properly. At this point, a good example of how lighting is precisely emitted is our APOLLO LED panel light fixture that distribute more than 90% of effective lumens in cone 90°, which efficiently reduces the wasted light. 

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