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How to find proper custom lighting companies?


There is nothing new regarding the custom lighting, particularly for the lighting wholesalers and resellers. The custom lights are need to be used not only for serving the needs of some special lighting projects but most importantly satisfying the need of brand building and development. Compared to the ordinary LED lights, the custom light fixtures stand out due to their uniqueness and generally they also face less competition in the market. Such distinctive attribute gives the products an improved value and could bring a higher flexibility and versatility on lighting design.


However,  it's not easy to find the proper custom lighting companies that not only provide you with reliable and high-quality custom made lights but are also easy and efficient to communicate for delivering the products effectively. To avoid the unnecessary business losses, we write this post covering some tips and suggestions we hope could help you find some suitable custom lighting manufacturers.


Find the real custom light manufacturers

It's not unusual that many people spend lots of time sourcing and comparing lighting companies but unfortunately end up choosing a trade lighting company instead of real lighting manufacturers. As a result, they not only need to spend much more money on the custom products design and manufacturing but could also take the risk of postponing the lighting projects due to the delayed lead time. Actually, there are many ways to confirm whether a company is real manufacturer or not by viewing their website and social media homepages, checking the company address as well as searching the company in local search engines, etc.


Lighting design and development capability matters

One of the major factors for considering a custom light fixture manufacturer lies in the company's comprehensive research and development ability. This is particularly crucial because it can decide whether the custom lighting you own will be competitive and reliable or not. A company that has extensive experience and knowledge on custom lighting design is more likely to ensure the safety and stability of new custom led lights as opposed to inexperienced ones. In addition, it will not be better if the lighting supplier has a strong R&D capability in terms of both lights hardware and software such as lighting control and services ,etc.


Technical Support is fundamentally significant

The technical support is key to ensuring the custom made lighting design can move smoothly and effectively. To create a satisfactory custom lighting solution, it's inevitable to make some changes on the technical drawings as well as redesigning the products if the sample items fail the testing. In light of this, it seems very significant to find an appropriate lighting supplier that can delivers the long-term technical support patiently and professionally. On the contrary, if the lighting company gives up giving technical support services due to constant changes on lighting design, it will bring unexpected huge losses to your businesses.


Lighting quality is the king

There is no point mentioning the quality of lighting again and again but unfortunately there are lots of cases where people tend to buy the cheap led lights even though they know the quality could be compromised. When it comes to customizable led light solutions and services, we need to emphasize it once more time that the quality is the king. As custom lights themselves cost lots of money on design and manufacturing, it's not a wise choice to choose a lighting company mainly because they can offer a cheaper price.

Kinglumi, as one of leading custom lighting manufacturers in China, delivers one-stop custom made lights solutions that come with high-quality, innovative and reliable attributes. Since founded in 2005, we have helped plenty of big lighting companies around the world create the competitive and energy-efficient OEM/custom LED light fixtures. 

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